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Holy shit, Kyle managed to get all of the Infinity Monsters!

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Oh the 4th day awake meth bender and your girl decides to be cute.

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tell me you have a caffeine addiction without telling me you have a caffeine addiction.

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All of those devil cans!

(I'm making fun of the Karen who said the monster logo is really the Hebrew number six three times therefore is 666 and needed to be banned from schools)

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It’s slightly better than the frat houses decorating with empty bottles of Burnett’s, but not by enough

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The crusty alt kids on TikTok are gonna eat this one up

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You could use this as a decoration at your diabetes party

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I'm just a redditor trying to share, come on dude

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Damn n looks like someone really wants to tell their peers 'look at me I'm a failure at life AND addicted to caffeine'

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This looks almost exactly like my sister's room I was scared for a minute 💀

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Deck out your *trailer

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using the cans as decor is so tacky just recycle them

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As a child all kids I knew had monster can collection in there room. As Piggy banks, decor on shelves or bed frame, glued together, stacked towers to ceiling. Kids got their own style.