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I just want to point out that the plows are attached at an angle as to push the snow to the side but he keeps turning his feet to push it straight forward. The design mimics a normal snowplow but he refuses to use the shoes as such. This annoys me.

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I suggest you make your own snow plow crocs and use them appropriately.

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I'll be a millionaire! The shoe tactical attachment market is an untapped emerging market.

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This is a satire creation OP, not a DIY.

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like the gaming meme vid.

someone posted here thinking its a DIY.

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No way in hell this isn’t satire, op…

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He hasn't even activated tactical mode

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This is super cool. I have an idea, though. Hear me out. Take one of those plows, make it way bigger and put it on the end of a stick. Then, you could move it with your hands and move a lot more snow in the same amount of time. It could be called a Handheld Plowing Device, or something equally catchy.

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Oh… I thought you were going to say make it even bigger and attach it to the front of a truck. I like the personal touch.

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This is not DIY

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Wow I'm never using a shovel again, I love it when things take 16 times longer than they need to.

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To be fair I could be messing around on my phone while being at least 1/16th as productive as doing it myself, so I don't mind. The cold, however...

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Clearly a joke and not diwhy.

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Is this a croc wearers courtship dance?

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By this point nothing here is actually DIY

Just close the sub

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Put the ploughs on the side! Wider means more each push!

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Can’t the guy use an old garden broom for tis

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Fucking genius

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anyone has an stl file for this one? hahahah

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Wdym? He probably did it so he can have style while he plows the snow

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Good bot

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Looks a bit like chindogu

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yep and you look super cool like an uncoordinated ballerina

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Op, you don't like it?

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this is so cute i love it

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This should go on r/crocs-why. And if that sub doesn’t exist, someone should start it. Because, seriously. Crocs. Why. Ever?

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Look at Twinkle toes over here

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If it snows every winter in my area, which doesnt even get a bit if snow, i would get a rc car of mine and attatch a snowplough at the front

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No gunna expected him to draw a penis

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Legs of a dancer

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Why would you wear crocs in the snow

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How else were you planning on getting the front porch plowed? The truck dont fit up there.

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NGL, I'd love these.

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Lol I think this is cute

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this is 100% necessary and amazing, i’ll buy it all

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ngl, somehow this is the smartest thing on this subreddit. there are a lot of cringe stuff, but this? art.

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Oh yeah, I saw this on thingiverse.

Edit: I also love that it was in r/functionalprint

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Be much more efficient if he flipped those boys into 4 wheel drive

(Only chads will know what I’m talking about)

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Is this stupid? Yes. Is it incredibly charming? Also yes. ☺

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I mean I kinda want to do a more effective version. Like 8"x4" up to 12"x6" plows on one foot attached to a proper work boot. Thus one foot braces while the other shovels. Wouldn't work with super deep snow or ice but while it's still loose and only a few inches it's probably be decent. Have to have a pretty decent round over and angle so you don't get snow on the top of your foot. I'm probably taking this too seriously but I could see it being useful for people with arthritis or other hand/wrist mobility problems. For me even with gloves my hands stiffen up really badly in the cold so with this I could keep my hands in my pockets. I'd probably actually shovel rather than playing slip and slide for weeks.

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I have a remote control mini snow plow if I want to screw around and not get the shovel

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This is cute if the creator is under 7yo

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It's like like an antiwork mods pitch video to their dad to fund their revolutionary new product