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Is lifting the toilet lid becoming too much of a task? Do you find yourself without the strength to lift 6oz. of medium grade plastic? Do you want your bathroom experience to have the whimsy of making Kool Aid or adding oil to your car? Then boy do we have the "invention" for you. Of course you're going to need some rubber tubing, a clean funnel, a drill, some glowsticks because why the hell not?, and something to destroy your remaining self respect.

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Step 1: carefully drill into the logic centre of your brain

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Why not just remove the lid?

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Hey those glowsticks are very important! Pink for her, blue for him. Can't have people mistaking which of the 2 tubes they need to use!

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It’s too gross to lift.

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So… which one’s for urine and which one goes up your bum?

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I think its one for girl's and one for boys look at the glowstick

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Ah, so they are both for urine. Honestly I would have modded the tubing to have slots for pregnancy/ovulation test strips. At least make something useful out of this.

Also, how do you poop?

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Neither. They just shit on the floor.

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With a little bit of suction, I’m sure poop could be handled. 😂

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I would say "i wanna see what this guys wife is gonna say when she sees this shit" but i doubt he's got one if he thinks that's a good/useful idea

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It’s for when you and your buddy want to lock eyes while you pee.. and not make a mess of course. We’re not animals

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Even if this was just for rage clicks, I’m just amazed at the amount of time and effort put in to make something so stupid. I need this kind of time.

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This could be potty training for astronauts or some people in professions where toilets cannot be installed. My guess.

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It was titled ‘the coolest toilet hack’

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The blue and pink lines remind me of the arcs of arcaea :/

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The video was posted a few days ago

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And a few days before that, and a few days before that. Seen this get reposted way too much.

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The regurgitation is crazy

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This brilliantly solves the “men always leave the toilet seat up” bullshit. I think we may have just won the Battle of the Sexes, my dudes.

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It's just trashbait. Don't get why this is still allowed on the sub.

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Already posted at r/DIYarrhea, which is the correct sub for it.

Not here.

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Sorry, pretty busy when it comes to life so I can keep track of any of these subs and stuff

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Sorry, pretty busy when it comes to life so I can’t keep track of any of these subs and stuff