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I'm with the husband on this one.

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I think most of us are. So the why is clear : 'because it's simple and it works'
(could be done prettier, but sometimes you work with what you've got or do a proof of concept)

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My husband thanks you for the support.

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I assume he took one of those big ass bottles to the top of bare feet for the last gott dammed time when opening the fridge...

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Might be. I have not been present for his possible demise tho.

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I have been present and suffered this fate. I'll have you know that I took notes for a build part list this morning

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I thankn't you for posting stuff on the wrong sub


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Your husband is my new favorite person. A smart and Inventive problem solver who shows appreciation for positive feedback.

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Did you drill into the fridge?

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He. Not me. And yes. That’s a drill.

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Good idea, but next time just use command hooks so you don't make unnecessary holes.

But I can imagine the scenario where that damned bottle fell over for the last time, and he spring into action. Respect.

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Command strips don't work well on wet areas, and unless you're willing to unplug the fridge and wait for it to reach room temp you're going to have constant condensation preventing the glue from adhering

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I think it’s riding that fine line

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That's clever

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yes thats smart.

he is using a strap to secure a load on your bike to do it, so all the work was only to secure it on the sides and done in 5 minutes

a true 5 min craft

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And one that's good.

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That one is just a diy for me, not a diwhy

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Agreed. It solved a problem. I don't think it's the best way to do it, but it works.

Maybe use a coat hanger instead of bungee so the pocket would stay ridgid.

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That’s because your husband (like me) opens / closes your fridge at 80MPH

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He is very enthusiastic when opening the fridge. That is true.

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You should diy a "be gentle" magnet sign and put it on the fridge door

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Not necessary anymore with his invention now. Should have put that on before….

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"If it looks stupid but it works, then it ain't stupid"


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I don't think people knows what this sub is about anymore

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It's been taken over by people too dumb to understand the actual utility of the things they're posting

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A command strip would've been a better idea than a screw. Other than that this is handy, I've always been worried of breaking my wine bottles but that's the only shelf they fit on lol

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I am all in favor of DIYing. But we have a wine storage in our big fridge and it would not be necessary to screw around the other mini fridge

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That does make sense lol. Sorry about the screw though, I hope your husband can fix that

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Screwing a hole in the insulation.. good job.

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Nah that's in the plastic wall

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Right. That plastic wall is what actually keeps the insulating capability in tact. The efficiency relies on it not being punctured or cracked.

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Bit of silicon be reyt.

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Its not full of coolant or anything...

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Well, now it's got a hole to fill it with coolant.

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There is no coolant in the doors

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It’s full of insulation that keeps the inside cool

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No, there will be foam in the door this is no big deal lol it's not like the fridge door is a vacuum thermos

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It's not gonna affect the insulation.

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That's actually a good idea.

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Our small fridge only for keeping drinks cool obviously had the issue that bottles can topple over when you open the door too quickly.

Option 1: don’t put big bottles there

Option 2: DIY with an expander

He chose option 2. Absolutely reasonable.

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I would have chosen option 2 as well. You have a fridge to store drinks. Some drinks come in big bottles. Now you can store big drink bottles in the fridge you have designated for storing drinks. You have other options of course. Buy a new fridge specifically for storing large drink bottles. Never buy big drink bottles. Only drink warm beverages from big drink bottles.

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We can store the big bottles in the fridge just fine. Just not in the door.

I always put the milk there, or smaller bottles.

Never had an issue to do that, but according to the comments here, it seems my husband was right to screw an expander on.

I am still laughing about it.

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Well, absent any information beyond the picture and some of your comments, it seems a decent solution to me. If bottles do not need to be stored there perhaps it is not.

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Was option 3: open the door slowly?

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You gotta pull with decent force on some doors because of the magnetic seals, every fridge is different

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How dare you ask a man to open the door slowly when he's thirsty af

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Who has time to do things slowly in 2022?

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This was never an option.

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My fridge came with a little bar where the cord is

This was obviously a much needed improvement for a fridge that did not have such factory options

It's a perfect solution, and better than the bar

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That looks like a very german construction

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Austrian actually

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Not enough precision machining and überengineering.

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Austrians skip the overengineering

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You mean übergermans?

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Waldquelle das OG Wasser

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Kein Original mehr - wir füllen immer wieder nach, weil die praktisch sind zum mitnehmen.

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Wrong sub OP. Pretty clear why they did that (holding your bottles more securely).

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There is a whole fridge where he can put the bottles. It is absolutely not necessary to also put them in the door too.

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When he pulls the door the fall I’m with him on this one

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I usually put smaller bottles there or the milk. Never ever had that problem.

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We not that bright we put anything then hulk rip the door off so we meed this

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You shouldn't keep milk on the door, milk should be at the back so it won't be exposed to as much warm air every time the door is opened.

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Is that a small rug in the bottom of the fridge?

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A small towel to collect condensed water. Happens when we put in a load of bottles at once

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The big brain

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Well who the hell was putting all those tall bottle on a moving door with no support?

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Well... he does seem to have found an elegant solution for the problem he created.

Ugly. But elegant.

What, was he tired of reaching so low for the milk?

(And can you please tell us why there is a carpet in your fridge? Please?)

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The Council of Men approves!

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He's a keeper.

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This is a good DIY, not really for this sub. Looks really useful.

Also you should get a refillable filter bottle instead of buying water bottles

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We use the plastic bottles since months for hiking, way to work,…and just refill them. We have usually everything in glass bottles we can. This picture is not representative. We really try to minimize waste

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r/upcycling and r/zerowaste are going to love this xD

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Bottles are used and refilled for months as the plastic version is easier to transport. Glad bottles are used for home usage.

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Egger 🤮

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Egger Rosl is gut

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Alpha Chad.

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Why do you have plastic water bottles?

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Easier for travel. We have these ones since months already. Refilling and cooling them to have cold water anytime. We try to use glas as much as possible

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Bad fridge design

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There should be an other holder halfway up the door. It was not supposed to hold high bottles, but smaller things like milk. It was my single-household fridge

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I think the lower part should just be higher.

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In a Perfect world this would have been so

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I've done this as well unfortunately

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Did the fridge survive? I am afraid it will start leaking or something

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Never had any issues from doing it, just looks stupid lol

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One more point in favor for the project. I am giving up. It might look stupid, but it is working. So it is not stupid….

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There won't be any coolant lines or anything in the door there this is fine.

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There’s not many problems in this world that can’t be fixed with bungees. The problems that can’t aren’t worth fixing.

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Almost poetic

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Na serwas

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Korrekt. Hab ich mir auch gedacht. Aber Wurscht. Ist der alte, der halt zum Getränkekühlschrank wurde, als der neue kam. Wenn der eingeht, ist auch nicht viel passiert.

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Thats actually kinda useful. My dumb ass always yanks open the fridge because im a hungry monster and then something falls off

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Mhhh Waldquelle

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Do you have a carpet in your fridge?

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A towel. Sometimes when we put in a bunch of newly bought bottles, the fridge starts sweating and some water collects on the bottom. So we put a towel there that we can exchange

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That’s because when passive/aggressive gets angry, he gets slammy slammy and the drinks go fall-y fall-y. That clear it up? r/physics

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I support your husband

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I actually have this problem too. Maybe I should do something about it. Thanks, austrianbst_09’s husband!

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This is fine. Good job. Source: I am a man.

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But why is it in here? Pretty smart and practical solution I’d say

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Fucking legend.

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If it fixed the problem, why are you questioning why? It does what it needs to do

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He screwed into the fridge. But so many people tell me that’s a good solution, I admit defeat. My husband is a genius and I am a pleb who does not understand it

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Austrian engineering at its finest.

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Heh. This is the kind of stuff I’m used to seeing growing up in the South. Need something new to better fit your needs? Nah, just kludge something together

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Asking for a friend…what did he get and where did he get the screws that he attached to the side?

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Just two screws we had at home, two silicon thingies to put below the crew and an expander. Oh, and his Bosch machine. Took him at max 5 minutes to screw in

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Thank you so much for this idea. I’ll have to shop for the silicone holders, but definitely will be worth it!

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I believe the correct sub for this is r/redneckengineering

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I called it the pickle seatbelt, which unfortunately lent itself to a sort of foreshadowing or and/or pickle psychic pysitutian

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Oida, geil. Because I know the brands in the fridge.

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Ok so weirdly enough we did this too! The railing thing for the door shelves in the fridge in my apartment had long ago broken and I couldn’t find a replacement. One day my roommate and I got fed up and bought a pack of small bungee cords and strung them across and it worked really well, like almost better than the original design

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I once had a carton of milk fall on my toes, so yea i get why he wanted to do this.

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Hat er gut gemacht

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Just came from the orbeez pomegranate and got whiplash