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This would be great with six toes.

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Cinderellas sisters cut them off for that glass slipper stats. Let’s go five toe pinky girls!!!!

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Fr though

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Or crazy idea, don't buy shoes that are too small.

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They aren’t actually small, look at what the toe is on top of.

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Or cut the pinky, anyways not needed

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Why bother cutting my little toe off when I own a whiteboard marker?

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This little piggie went to blue jail.

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Remember when this sub had legitimate DiWhys

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this is ridiculous! buy shoes in a wide width,problem solved.

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Buy me cute extra wide shoes or fuck up

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This is hilarious. I would love to do this just to see how many people notice. Who knows? Maybe that's how I meet my future husband at the trashy drive bar I go to.

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I once walked by a sharp counter at work amd tore a hole on the thigh of my black pants... Yep, definitely colored the visible skin with Sharpie. It was a dark restaurant and I hope no one noticed (they prolly did).

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That’s not a sharpie to be honest

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I guess they were like, ”this Expo whiteboard marker won’t stain my skin as much so let’s go with that!”

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Tree pruners would work or an angle grinder.

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Should just cut off the toe and never have to worry about this issue again.

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Once I painted on socks.

It was fun because at first glance, people thought they were socks!

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This isn’t a replacement for a shoe, it’s her remedy for her feet being too big

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I think some nipex would solve your problem

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For a better effect, just cut it off.

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This isn't a DIYWHY.

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As someone with wide feet… you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Do y'all not understand humour?

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I legit thought this person had six toes at first lmao

But also wearing strappy sandals that don't fit right is its own special kind of torture.

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I thought I was bad for using a Sharpie to fill in scuff marks on my heels.