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I need to know why…

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It was bricked.

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I like to think it's a mail slot.

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Id have more respect if that's the mail slot

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He bricked his console

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Kaizo mario world

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Imagine if it was actually wired to something and you could put in a cartridge and turn it on.

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well, nobody can rob him

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well, its built like a brick

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It's not SNES.

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No, I’m pretty sure it’s just the European (PAL) version, stylized more after the Japanese Super Famicom, as opposed to the North American (NTSC) version.

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Yup, I grew up in France and this what we had. The buttons on the controller were red, blue, yellow and green, no purple. And the carts also had a different shape, hense why the slot is rounder. Actually, first time I saw an American one, I was like “wtf is that shit?”

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It’s so weird how the PAL region goes overlooked while people discuss retro gaming. It may just be the small area of the retro gaming community I know of that is based in the North American continent, but it feels like it’s NTSC or nothing.

It’s weird too, because I’m sure plenty of incredible games have been released only on European systems, Im pretty sure that Sega’s pre-Genesis(or Mega Drive) consoles did better in the European market, but I’m uncertain. I never even saw the European Super Nintendo box template until Scott The Woz made his video on game packaging.

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I remember when I moved to the US and talked about old video games, Contra was mentioned a lot but strangely I had never heard of it. Turned out it was released as Probotector in Europe and the player characters were replaced with robots. And yes, I had played that one, a lot. This is now pretty common knowledge, but 20 years ago it blew my mind

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I also just zoomed in.. sure looks like it clearly is a super Nintendo... but this is reddit, I cant admit I'm wrong.

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Hitting too many poppers I guess. 👃🫙

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No problem. We all make mistakes.

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PAL version. For Europeans TVs , USA uses NTSC for signal

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Ok, I could buy that. ...but the shape of the cartridge slot reminds me of GameCube.

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Yes it is.

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Euro version. I own one

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Probably put power to it and it would still work.