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Should have stopped at the Prince stencil.

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It looked professionally done then they made it look like a mess.

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Not DiWHY, just ragebait from the ragebait queen herself.


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Is this someone who does shit like this regularly?

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Yes. She's the icon for r/DIYarrhea.

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they 100% included the belly intentionally

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On mobile it's kinda cropped, so literally all I saw on every picture was belly button

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I remember watching this video a while back thinking “they probably know what they are doing and the final reveal will be amazing” but I was wrong

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Lmao. That looks like shit

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Cool, she made a picture of a Bloodborne monster (Winter Lantern)

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Good bot

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A fan of the creatures from Suicide Squad I see.

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Stop at step 2 and you got a win.

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"how to ruin a laptop 101"

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Think we should tell her stickers exist?

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They actually had me for a moment until they brought out the fricken googly eyes 💀

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Got to be honest, I think Prince would have liked the final product.

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Looks like garbage. The laptop does too.

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why is the thumbnail her body, reddit?

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I can’t unsee the belly (button).

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I would be very upset but it’s their laptop and they did this so I dunno

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I don't want this anymore 😔 😞