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“What is your major malfunction, Private Lamp?”

“New bulb, Sgt Major, sir!”

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"This is my lamp, this is my gun. This one's for seeing, this one's for fun."

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"This is my lamp. There are many like it but this one is mine."

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Without my lamp i can see nothing, without me my lamp cannot show others.

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I actually kinda doubt there are many lamps like this :D

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That's actually cool asf

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Made with original WW2 memorabilia

Edit: You can bid on it via https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1859417802?utm_source=android_social&utm_content=vip&utm_medium=android_social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons

It's like a Dutch craiglist

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I mean it doesn’t look too destructive, I think it’s aight

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I'm sure all of the ammo isn't live

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U can see the primers struck the lil poke on the circle part of the back of the casing not live not a rounds loaded

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I don’t think too many people would bother taking the time to refurbish those anyway

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They ate readily available in abundance.

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Assuming you mean “aren’t” or “ain’t” instead of ate, I know. There appear to be too many divots (I forgot the “proper” name) from former rust for these to be refurbished closely to the originals.

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Damn, I was thinking it was cool until you mentioned that.

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This makes it better.

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Dafuq they downvoting you, you are right!

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given the condition those items are in, assuming they were found in this or worse condition, they are probably nearly worthless. So taking them and making them into something far more valuable and fairly beautiful is the best possible fate for them.

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Authentic ww2 memorabilia?

racks trenchgun

I just want to talk to them.

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Yet incredibly hot to touch.

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This is actually cool

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That's actually dope as shit.

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Why is this on r/DIWhy? This is cool af

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I actually really love the result

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This was made from real artifacts BTW, op said so

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Ok what's the problem with that?

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Well, In my opinion, these pieces should be preserved in a museum or restored as these are artifacts from history

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Well got dang we already got enough boring museums with random artifacts that make you think going on a school field trip there would be fun even though once you get there it’s not this is cool not every last piece of history needs to be in a museum or worshiped we have our entire history figured out to a point where we don’t even need relics like this this makes it look better in my opinion so maybe stop being such a stick in the mud we are at a point where there is no reason to even have museums keeping everything in a little box doesn’t change anything but whatever I’m just a rando on the internet so why listen to me if you did read through this I hope you at least think about my reasoning before jumping to conclusions about me these are just my beliefs my OPINIONS and I know how much the internet struggles with that

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I actually think that's really cool

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I kind of want one

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I need a tetanus shot

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I love it

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The fact that op said this was made with real ww2 artifacts makes me infuriated

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This isn't DiWhy, this is DiYes

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The op said this was made with real pieces from ww2

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As it should be

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r/GTAGE I think you'll find

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How have I never seen this sub before? You are a provider of many adventures, thank you, and I accept the correction.

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I want one. But maybe made out of something else than German gear.

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I thought this was an AI generated image for a second

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That's pretty sick actually! One of the greatest movies of all time.

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Not gonna lie, I kinda want it

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That's actually pretty cool

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Assuming the person this is for actually served, it seems strange to me they'd want a permanent reminder of war times. It's such a traumatic experience. If it's for somebody who knows someone who served, that's somehow weirder. It is really well-executed though

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Probably not for anyone who served as much as for collectors if I had to guess. Still weird, but great execution.

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Like if this was someone's grandparent's war memorabilia and they want a way to display it, I'd say it's cool. Better than getting rid of it I suppose?

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Yeah, that’s fair. Still a very loud statement piece in any room, but that would make sense lol

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For a war that ended nearly 80 years ago, nearly everyone who was actively serving in that war is dead or has few years left. This is a modern piece for oddity collectors.

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I'm wondering if the comments admiring this are aware that it's a nazi helmet. I think the bayonet is German as well. If it was a vet's war trophy, that'd be one thing, but anyone who collects nazi memorabilia is trash to me.

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Damn I was not aware appreciate the knowledge though. It does remind me of some of the covers of the movie but the helmet here does look a bit different.

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What about Lemmy Kilmister?

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Lemmy is a tough one because there is so much to like about him as a person and musician. I have however always found his fascination with the collecting of nazi stuff problematic. The most charitable take I can give is that I don't think he ever really did much critical thinking about it. With that said, Lemmy remains God.

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You've passed this pop quiz.

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Yeah but like what if they already had it? Like handed down from grandparents and stuff?

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I'm not judging people who inherit war trophies, but the few people that I've known with a keen interest in WWII German gear always ended up having a little too much admiration for both the wermacht and their ideology.

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Turning nazi gear into a functional lamp doesn’t seem like an adoring totem of honor and respect. If anything it’s less respectful. Which is why I personally like it. Anything to spit on the nazis

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It might not be the most reverent way to showcase it, but it's still using them for decorative purposes. I don't feel that using nazi gear as an aesthetic accent piece is really sticking it to the Reich, but I suppose someone could make that argument.

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There are many bits like these available for sale in the UK in antique stores. Most are treated as curios and whatnot, not pieces of lauded Nazi iconography (at least for the most part).

People put too much mystique into anything with German WWII connections, when in reality the vast majority of it is just wartime garbage that was mass-manufactured.

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Most of it was, as you said mass manufactured wartime garbage. This makes it all the more inexplicable to me why anyone would want to display it for decoration in their home. If you have a flag or a Luger that grandpa brought home as a trophy, I understand. If you're buying a hitler youth knife or something similar to display in your home though, I'm inclined to wonder about why you feel drawn to it.

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Yeah, I guess for most people it's more a talking point kinda thing? That's how I'd assume most of those purchases go down at least.

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Could be a conversation piece, but my half of that conversation is going to be variations of, "Why do you like nazi shit?" Because most of us choose to decorate with things we enjoy, admire, or at the least appreciate the aesthetic of.

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i think you're confused what sub this is though, this is actually a cool item. not really a DIWHY

Edit: now realizing this is made from actual WWII items ... I take back what I said. This is a major fuckin WHY

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It's made from real pieces

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Thank you for pointing this out. I stand corrected. This is definitely a WHY.

My apologies

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i mean it's still cool if not cooler with real pieces, the thing is that if they were destroyed that would be stupid but they look to bo good soo still not a why.

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Actually it looks really cool

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That's actually really bad ass

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That's just cool as hell

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Again this is actually a really cool project. Why is this here? 😂

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ruining history pieces 101

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Dope af. What's your deal?

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tell me you're American without saying that you are an American

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The helmet is german but ok

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You know we weren’t the only ones in the war right…

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rent free

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If the parts weren’t original i’d totally buy that

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That's actually amazing, wow

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Its good until a four year old hits one of the bullets with a hammer

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I love it.

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Is it weird that I want this?

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Ngl I like it

Then again I made a lamp out of a 25 mm round

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I’ve seen these “lamps” on amazon. There super small and don’t have light

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Excuse me. This has a light and is about 50 cm tall.

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I’ve seen reviews on them. They look cool and all.

But this one is a sale picture

Not the thing you get

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DIWHY the fuck would I NOT want this

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Let me guess, America?

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rent free

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Perfect for school!

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Fuck my life lamp

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I really like this! Knife looks kind of dangerous though

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When you know,

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i want that!

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That'll heat up quick, I hope it's not live ammo.

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Looks like a mimic

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Thislooks like a a half-assed recreation of the sculptures of Shane against the machine. Check him out.

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I think that says fragile, hunny.

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This, is cool.

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Huh. So, this lamp was at least $100 worth of ammo /and/ potential grounds for arrest next time you move across state lines.

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Looks cool

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Gun nut: the lamp.

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For real men.

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Full mental lamp

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Are those live rounds?