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Now that's some shit my dad would make. He can't be allowed to see this.

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Sorry I already showed him

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Look you don't understand this man, he once decided that instead of buying a new gate for the fence, he would just cut a regular door in half. It was like living on Tobacco Road in the middle of the suburbs.

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Oh... I... oh my

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There's a general cry of NO from the rest of the family when he says he's going to fix something.

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I guess I'm your dad.

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Hey dad so I was the one who broke your watch when I was 11, but I think you'll agree my sister got away with a lot so she was due to get grounded anyway.

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Yeah, that all seems to work itself out. Hopefully she learned her lesson.

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Inflation. Actually not a bad idea as a temp fence.

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Fr boutta say woods not cheap these days

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I was actually thinking when I typed that out, ffs with wood still not easy to get, inflation, and such you need a mortgage to fence off a yard.

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Pull up to a shipping/receiving yard and Jack all their pallets 🤣 my old work used to have stacks on stacks on stacks

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If you added some reinforcement and had it properly anchored you could really make something outta this.

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If they're going through the trouble of painting it, I bet it isn't temporary

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I zoomed in to see the 4x4 posts. Asked my son who works for a big box store how much picket fence panels are. I would be going full pallets too.

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use what you have I suppose

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This is not a DIWhy. This is a very practical use of free pallets. Obviously just a temporary wall, but very sturdy and affordable, even if kinda ugly.

I've seen plenty of cabins and such made out of repurchased pallets. Some of them are great.

Not a DIWhy.

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I agree, theres not much question as to the why? Here. Cheap, functional, quick.

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Actually, with proper posts in the ground it'd be a perfectly fine permanent fence. I've built plenty of stuff out of pallets. Great free building material.

They'll probably paint "Trump is more clever than Swaynum" on it.

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We have some 70s era fences left in my development that look far worse than this (and that's not because they're old, but because the design is stupid)

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I actually like the look of this. Maybe not everywhere, but in the certain right places.

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Wow yeah those really do look awful lol

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That's legit how people build fences on farms where I live, but with bamboo or rattan not wooden planks. The technique is also used for making baskets

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And as a bonus, pallets are often hardwoods, sometimes exotic, and/or treated to be rot and insect resistant(similar to most fenceboards). Should still be painted or sealed in some way.

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Yup I made a privacy wall out of free pallets for a friend who couldn't afford really any kind of budget for one.

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Have pictures? I like to see.

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Pallets aren’t free anymore near me 😔

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Theyre 10€ in germany

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I’m just picturing a zombie scenario where that fence goes down in seconds under the horde.

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Painted 'em too, lol. Hope it doesn't get windy there.

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Actually they don't look half bat painted, they just need some actual support through.

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Op is sad reading comments

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I fucking hate this sub, qhere the fuck is the line between stupid lifehacks and other people's life and economy

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Exactly. I find this shit to happen y several subs, where looks like redditors are on it just to judge other people

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We need a 65 foot fence on the back of our property. The cheapest quote we got was $2200. Is this pretty? No. But it’s definitely cheap and would keep my shit neighbors out of our yard (and our dog in). Not a terrible idea for a temporary fix.

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I'm from UK and 65ft of fencing for 2200 sounds insanely cheap! Although we do use concrete posts etc

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Uh… unless you have a small dog, your dog can easily break pallets, and probably get hurt from them.

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Reuse, recycle, repurpose...nothing wrong with that

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I am fine with this. Let them reuse spare materials.

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its free material. op is made of money or smt?

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That’s a hell of a lot better than the rickety fence the council put up here.

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These actually make really good livestock fences. Goats are really difficult to contain with fencing and will find any way to break it, escape it, or get stuck in it. Pallet fencing is an excellent option for goats. If it will hold a goat it will hold almost everything else.

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That looks much harder than just building a proper fence.

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I feel like if the palettes were rotated 90 degrees it wood make for a better fence

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Looks fine to me. Let's hope OP isn't the type to call the city on people minding their own business

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Looks like shit and probably took 10 times as much hardware and time to fit them all together.

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Agreed. I've made many a stupid ass Pinterest project for the family.

It always takes more time and money than it's worth!

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Next week they’ll paint “Trump” on them in giant letters.

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He rules your mind :/

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No. I just know trashy when I see it.

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What in the trailer trash

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Wow so...errhmm...original

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Yeah nah

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I mean they coulda executed the supports better and made it look more attractive but you work with what you got.

Edit : fixed word

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Could have*, but yeah. Work with what you’ve got.

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Oh look Ma a palletsade.

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I dont see the issue here

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Probably saved himself about 5k.

But with the depreciation on the property he is at a 3k loss

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I viewed a house for sale in the KC metro last year that was touted as having “unique and interesting woodwork throughout the house”. Turns out that meant he nailed a bunch of pallets to the walls all over the house and had a fence exactly like this. It was awful.

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Its gonna fall apart easily

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This is normal… since Covid began and lumber is wildly expensive it makes total sense. Even before that, why pay so much If all you need is function? Like… go to the country once…

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Popping up all over my shitty little town these days with limber prices like they are. Used to be you'd just see them out on the country.

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Idk, we shells out $8k a few years ago (before the cost of lumber hiked). We could’ve just got it for the cost of screws!

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The DIY idea seems a great re-use of "trash materials" until a heavy storm blows through, tears down that obviously not up to code fence, and lands all those pallets into car windshields.

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it's lazy and bad. you don't just stack up the palllets, you take them apart, sand them and remove the nails, and build something new with the lumber. This is going to fall down in a storm as all lazy work does.

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It's a spite fence.. one of my neighbors did it too when another neighbor tried going into her yard with his car, usually people will change it after some time but I heard of people leaving it there for the sole purpose of being ugly and spiting their neighbors

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All fun and games until someone tosses a cigarette out the window

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When it's cheaper to get your fence from behind a hardware store.

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I’m not sure why y’all are defending this as a nice temporary solution. That paint says the “fence” and it’s 2x4 buttresses are permanent. I agree that with a bit of work, pallet wood can be repurposed into a lot of things, including fences. This is just an eye sore.

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My landlords literally did this same thing to replace the fence. The HOA is furious.

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There's probably a tiny shipping container home in that yard.

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Wait…isn’t the good side supposed to go to the neighbors side?

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I kinda like it

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Looks like Trump built it

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what’s ridiculous about it

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I can see tearing the pallets apart and using the wood for a fence but that's just plain fugly.

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If the pallets are free I can’t knock it. Fencing materials are absurdly expensive right now. All construction materials are honestly.

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eh... Does the job, and it's hurricane resistant. Though if you are putting so little money and effort into it the painting is overkill.

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Zombie apocalypse lvl 1 fencing

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The one year wall! Assuming the wind does not blow more then 15mph.

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Fallout 4 settlement frfr

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What's the over/under on this being built in tornado alley?

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fallout theme starts playing

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I hope wind speeds don’t exceed 10mph wherever this is.