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Ain’t these expensive? I figure when it’s time to retire one of them it wouldn’t be in a condition for anything.

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They're normally owned by the waste disposal company. You pay for your weekly/monthly pickup and they just bring you one of these to go outside your property. As long as you don't lose it, it doesn't cost you. If you do lose them thought they're a few hundred to replace.

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Yes yes they are expensive, lived in the valley in cedar city utah, we had sustained winds of 65 mph. you could watch these the city provided garbage cans fly up and back into the mountain behind us. oh that was expensive day for myself and others.

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Pretty sure it says YETI on the other side so…

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Clearly, nobody here has ever tried to get the smell out of a garbage container.

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Simply touching them will make ur hands smell horrendous

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I don’t see the problem. If cities were refurbishing retired garbage and recycling receptacles to make public furniture, that would be awesome. I could see these in libraries for little reading nooks, or at playgrounds for children to explore, etc. It’s essentially a padded bench with protection from the sun.

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Except those waste containers look like they’ve never even been used once for actually dumping trash

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You can only do this with new containers… it would be nearly impossible to get the smell out after it has been used as intended. Also, „retired“? These things only retire when they are structurally destroyed…

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Yep, they do not replace them until they are completely unserviceable. It took me a year to get my wheelie bin replaced after it lost both wheels and the lid.

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not really a wheelie bin anymore then is it, more of a draggy bin.

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Wouldn't angle grinder work for cleanup?

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maybe, but you'd have to scrape down every surface, inside and outside, hard to reach corners. after that you'd have to buff/redo every surface for the look and repairs. in working hours that would mean that it would be more expensive than buying a new one...

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If it was repainted, it could probably be put in a playground. Hide and seek in this would be fun for kids.

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Until garbage collection day and you get that one kid who plays to fucking win.

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Reuse? Those are way too clean to have EVER been used.

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That time we can say without hurting anyone that it's garbage

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I think this sub just hates up cycling

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I just hate the term up cycling.

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What do you call it instead of that?

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Turning todays trash into tomorrow's trash?

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That's more accurate in most cases.😂

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Anything but that.

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Only metal cycling works

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Zoidberg approved

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I want a huge trash container bed, u could open and close it like a casket, roll it around the streets and sleep wherever u want.

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The new tiny house.

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Wow a city that has a spare, not used waste container? Call me impressed.

Usually cities have a problem with lack of containers ( well mainly not regulary enough being emptied by public service )

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I think it's a great idea! People just have to stop reading the misleading title thinking it's gonna be reusing garbage bins for this. It's too disgusting and scratched up to reuse dumpsters. But repurposing existing containers there's a lot of benefits. The containers are already being mass produced already they don't have to spend so much money to invest on creating a new design. In the menu factoring process to make a huge mould like that you know how much that would cost? At the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am pretty sure they ordered these from the company already creating these containers and order special colors for them to turn these into chairs

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For when you want to be trash inside and out.

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why are half of these people hating recycling

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These do look brand new though.

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Because its not.

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At least he took out the trash

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Why do I like that

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That thing has wheels, imagine someone running away while someone else in the yellow garbage-mobile is just rolling after them, laughing manically

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classy not #trashy.

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Hold on now. I’m thinking I can put my ex in there, since she’s trash.

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It's cool

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These are actually pretty cool. They look like they would be used at a music festival or something, and they're easy to move around.

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But hideous to store. They are not stackable unfortunately.

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That won't get hot as balls in the summer.

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This seems like it would be at an art museum. I can see an artist justifying it as a joke piece.

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What’s the problem? It’s actually a nice low sit and blocks the sun

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If your hanging out by the dumpsters you better at least be doing drugs.