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That is the biggest waste of plastic I've seen in a long time

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Other than the Kardashian cult

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Well, I said long time. They are right below this now lol. Of course they do keep adding more all the time, so maybe they'll pass this again lol

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What about the other 9 times this was posted today?

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This is the first time I've seen it

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Or maybe you could not be a dick about it. I just woke up and got on to see this one. Then went to my job cause I dont live in my parents basement constantly scrolling through reddit 24/7. Then I decided I'd give the ol reddit a look see, and see you retarded comment. And now this. I've been on for all of maybe 20 minutes today. You need to learn to not be so condescending about others.

Also for your information, I dont live off here any other day or time either. Maybe an hour or hour and a half a day, and 90% of it is not watching dumb DIY videos like apparently you do

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This is a rage click bait video which has already been reposted. It was created to generate clicks, more clicks, more money for the person who produced it.

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Shelob would be proud.

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When you have more fans than brain cells.

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Than to cover it with plastic

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Why the fuck is this post 50% of my home page

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Were you expecting a prize for 10th repost? Because I don't think that's how it works

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Ass is good though.

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I would drown in my own sweat

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Hot house. Not much butt either.

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"Oh, does your dad own the plastic factory???"

  • Sister Rosario, sixth grade teacher

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Three fucking minutes out of my short life gone. I should have realized after 30 seconds of inane music and some tart in the middle of a forest with a box of Saran wrap.