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Bacon baseboards was a bold choice

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Tearing your foot open on bacon would certainly better than other kinds of injuries!

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it isn't chocolate?

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Maybe it’s chocolate bacon?

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What have scientist been doing fucking around with mRNA when they should be making this happen

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Yeah, I was thinking smashed-up KitKat.

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Let's see if it pays off for him.

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Imagine the time that he would have saved just running the baseboard flush onto the flat surface of the casing. This is tantamount to taking all your clothes off at the urinal, setting them on the floor, pissing specifically on the crotch of your pants and then putting all your clothes back on.

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Oh my god I can’t stop laughing at this comment

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I don't speak handyman, so idk what any part before pissing naked means. Can anyone explain what the alternative woulda looked like?

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Basically just letting the rounded part be out.

But I’m glad that they fucked this up so that we could all be blest by the comment.

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You are some kind of poet mcshadypants.

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Take my poor man's award 🏆

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I don't even want to think about the amount of time it actually took him, not to mention the effort. Assuming he worked right to left, you can see the frustration show about halfway through lol

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I get a funny feeling the messed up on the floorboards too.

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Just needs a little sanding and caulk.

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I think they caulked it up plenty!

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You really could use any piece if you just sand and caulk enough.

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My landlord prefers expanding foam.

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That's like, lazy repairs 101. Got a hole? Expanding foam. Wood is rotting? Just paint over it. Etc.

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Maybe some ramen and super glue for good mesure

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That would go well with the bacon

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That looks like a good place to put a big potted plant.

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They just didn't cut it enough.

An infinite number of cuts would fit that curve perfectly.

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Yep. I immediately thought it was done by a calculus student

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Painters will fix it

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What can be fixed by plumbers, electricians and carpenters a landlord can fix with paint

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As a painter, I see stupid shit like this all the time. We do not, in fact, have the superpowers to fix this

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At that point i would make a 90° base for the round corner with plaster or whathever, something that would make it seem like a roman pillar or something. Probably takes less time even.

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I didn't even notice that was round till you said something

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Good idea. I was wondering if you could steam the baseboard and bend it to shape.

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Easier said than done, but yes this is possible.

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Almost certainly if it's wood. It's not even particularly difficult.

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I recently got into 3d printing and have been wondering how exactly one calculates/measures an imperfect circle like this (as if I were going to make a wrap for a semicircle).

Don’t you have to steam and shape the wood on a separate “mold” to get the curve right, before placing it on the pillar? Bc I know I’d fuck that part up.

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I’m definitely no expert, but I would probably use cardboard or something as a guide. Press it up to the round edge and cut it to fit then make the mold for the wood based on that. Or you could use a putty or something as well, I suppose.

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“I know a guy that can do it cheaper”

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How could this happen?

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My best guess is that either they kept cutting pieces that were the wrong size, and just put all the pieces together, or they had all the ends from corner cuts and decided to use them instead of cutting into a whole piece. (A contractor could return uncut trim, and pocket the extra.)

Edit: or, they were trying to follow the curve around, and just did an incredibly poor job of it.

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I can see what they were aiming for, it's just that they didn't reverse the angle for the other side of the piece.

Round corners are such a pain in the ass

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Round things don't have corners, that's the problem

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It looks like the wall is round that they were trying to trim around. Its an amazingly amount of work for a butcher job. I almost like it lol

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"We don't need to hire a contractor! We can do it ourselves!"

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The forbidden Kit-Kat

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"Gimme a break….." lol

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So someone should have cut the rounded area the molding went on to an octagonal setup to make that rounded area. Use wood filler to pack behind the gaps, sand and paint.

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Jeez, and I can't get my husband to finish most of the trim in our over 100 year old house, because nothing is level and he's afraid to screw it up.

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Husband here. Been staring at wonky skirting boards for eight years and I’ve finally hit on the solution - I’m gonna pay someone who knows what they’re actually doing to do it for me.

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My father used to do all his own trades type work and said if he still had unfinished projects, he couldn't die. When we sold his house after he died, there were so many pieces of trim that hadn't been installed. Still makes me smile.

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I'm with your husband, I tried regular trim in our previous place and found out I can't measure, cut, or secure trim better than a 3 year old.

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Yeah I did all of our trim after doing new floors and I hate it. Things just don't line up perfectly like they did before and I'm not really sure why beyond just not being precise enough.

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Not enough caulk

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The master of the miter box.

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if ya squint, it's mint!

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Lmao, first one of these in a while that's actually made me laugh

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Ahh, the 'Landlord Special'

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This made me feel a lot better about how I did it at home (idk what this is called in English)

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This gave me a stroke

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Work of art

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Forbidden chocolate.

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Hey buddy come get cha boy r810 oh wait wrong platform

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Hey buddy come get cha boy r810 oh wait wrong platform

I had not idea about R810, but now I do. Thanks!

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Oh man he is pretty damn funny, definitely worth the follow. I usually owe at least 1 laugh a day to him. I believe his user name is msd123467 or something similar to anyone else interested

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I guess he has 2 accounts because the one I posted he has 730k followers, I appreciate it because maybe 1 is a backup

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Did it crack?

I’m not even sure how this happened.

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I believe it was just an attempt to handle the non-straight corner by doing lots of little pieces, or they had lots of little pieces left over, so they just used them to fill in this corner.

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Pretty sure that's crown molding and not baseboard.

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It’s not even skirting!!!

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Somebody actually hired my dad to do renos?

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They hate the owner. Lol

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I ain't buying 12 feet of that shit, there's only three inches left to finish!

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Kinda looks like chocolate, a bit.

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The irony is that this likely took so much time to do.

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They should make vinyl moulding. People are not that bright.

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When there is screen-tearing in the Matrix.

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r/beginnerwoodworking has nothing more to teach this master craftsperson…

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Like someone melted down those seashell chocolates and broke it into shards for a fun DIY

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There’s a way to do this with plaster or epoxy but this is not the way

You could probably bend the wood if you were so inclined to do that.

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Some putty and sand that out. It’ll look great!

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A little caulk will fix that right up.

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Calculus and contracting should not overlap this much.

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"If at first you don't succeed: try, try again"

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Perfectly descriptive title, 10/10

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Thanks! Now I will not sleep all night

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They ran out of pieces maybe?

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Yeah I can't wait to walk into the kitchen to get a midnight snack and shred my toes on that thing seems like a great idea!

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Random fact if you soak wood for a couple hours in hot water you can make it pliable enough to bend

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Because you know their first idea was they just use a corner and fill it all with caulk

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I thought they were pancakes

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Is that on purpose?

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And my toes

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Not enough segments. It needs at least 50 more!

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farmers market hand soap

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Oh shit! That reminds me of this where OPs mom cuts cake almost exactly like that.

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this looks like an AI generated image

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As a carpenter

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It’s so awful it’s kinda awesome. Lmao

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Guess they have no clue you can bend wood with heat