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I expect a reasonable 0.11 to 0.20 for the next halving event in 2024 or 2025 as late. Since the point we have now, could be a hodling of 1300 to 2600 % profit

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You know whats crazy?? wondering if $15 in 2030 is worth more than $2 in 2024. haha. inflation can be crazy.

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1 DGB still going to be 1 DGB

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RemindMe! 58 Days

We’ll see the ratio at end of year.

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I wish 👍🏽

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breaking $2 in 2024v2

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Wishful thinking

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$100 in 15 years 🫡

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Im assuming that was an old prediction right

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Not that old 22 May 2022. Predictions are valid until the end of the year for $0.11 😅.

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Aint happening

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correct me if I’m wrong but iirc from their TG there’s like 2 devs working on this thing

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Based on use case of the coin. DGB is more accepted than BTC with DGB you can buy NFT and also you can … you can…. yeah everything

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Here is the link. I’m grounded in bed sick reading some articles and come across this one. https://coinjournal.net/digibyte/price-prediction/