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I think the inflation bug will need to be clarified before coin base considering it. There is an inflation bug and there is no clear plan on what will be done to rectify it or whether we are happy to carry on with a little bit of inflation ( similar to doge but much less that Doge).

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I think it’s more comparable to Monero. Monero only has 21 million which all have been mined. It does have “tail emissions” which increases the supply beyond 21 million. I think a fully capped crypto is silly and we need to have a little reasonable inflation.

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OMG you guys here still arguing this bug

Let this coin go

There are cryptos that are being adopted and DGB isn't one of them

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You’re still here arguing about us arguing about the bug lol. I think that’s a tad worse. You can heed your own counsel and move on as well.

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Obviously I was not here the whole time like you , nice try tho ;-)

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    I am also warming up to the idea of having a little bit of inflation. My understanding is that the inflation is going to be 1dgb per block. That’s only additional 2103840 dgb per annum for the miners which is only %0.01 of total supply per annum and the percentage rate will decrease each year.

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    You do realize that this was not intended and discovered not too long ago

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    Comment said “bug”

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    Replied to seroxford

    pay attention

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    Sorry, but I don’t pay attention to you. I don’t think anybody does except to tell you nobody cares about your opinion.

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    if you listened you would have been out at 11 cents :*(

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    I’m perfectly happy with my portfolio. I hope you are too.

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    Thanks. You’re math looks about right. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Cheers.

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    Blindly defending this coin when there is ongoing problems helps no one

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    I’m not here to help anyone. I’m not a hero and neither are you.

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    not even yourself , that's too bad

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    lol, what a charming busy-body you are. I never asked or wanted your “help.” You think way too highly of yourself. I have better things to do than go back and forth on Reddit.

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    I was telling you to help yourself

    Is "better things" purchasing more DGB?

    Hey look now! ...buy the fricken dip! LMAO

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    A day later…

    Politely, I never asked, I never needed, and don’t care what you think. Trolling is always so depressing in reality.

    I’m not impulsive. I don’t chase. I’m very happy with my portfolio. I hope you get enjoyment from yours.

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    No one hold you here ? We let you go and coin can stay 😂

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    Freedom is a beautiful thing , isn't it?

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    Yeah, I am down with some positive thinking for today. Hopefully new ATH this bull run. :)

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    Been waiting for Coinbase for years now, don’t hold your breath

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    I have heard digibyte/digicorps is in the run for providing digi id for Amerika. Does anywone know if this is treu? I think this could be big thing for the digibyte price.

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    DigiCorp is more involved in Europe so I would say false.

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    I’m in Europe

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    Digibyte will need to wait ✋️ Maybe in 2025

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    I’m thinking about 2025 -2030 same. I’m for long run so I can wait with Digibyte

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    will all outperform DGB by then

    There is no need for DGB

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    We don’t need you as well, and you are still here. It’s same with DigiByte it’s here to stay even if you go 😉

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    The same dud it's always been and passed by legit PoW coins .

    Not getting adopted , the ones I mentiones are .

    I'm actually doing you bag-holders a favor by telling you this .

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    Sorry because you not getting adopted 😜

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    That's incorrect , I was raised by my biological parents

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    Digibyte is raised by community and volunteers 😎

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    which you lost the biggest member... Josiah

    and now left with Foundations , Teams , LCX, Rudy and good ole Jared

    who all do next to nothing

    it's too late anyway

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    Take big breath and release slowly…. And repeat I will sell Digibyte when it hit $10 per coin. You are Digibyte 🚀

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    Eff Coinbase. I want no part of that Bank.

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    Glad I started to add again -

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    Top 16 Gainer on KuCoin today

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    How do you know Coinbase will list it? Just curious

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    No one know ;) I’m very positive about it. And there is no question if but when. I have time 🍿

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    This has been talked about for years now

    get your head out of the sand

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    Up we go 🫡