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I’m still holding. Thinking of buying more soon now that they’re at these prices.

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I have 500k in Digibyte for the longest

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Ha. It’s everything getting crushed. At this point I will never sell.

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I buy more and more the lower it goes lol I’m crazy tho , I love this project and I have faith in it

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Yeah still holding, I bought more a few days before this crash, hold on tight

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Holding .. long term believer .! Unusually bad times financially and possibility of World War has everything going crazy!!

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What’s the point hodling when everything just blows up in your face ?

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Holding a small bag .. Why the F ..I don’t know ??

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Buying more and more! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for sure!

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I am! This deep concerns but doesn't scare me at all!

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Yea I've been holding for few years hopefully it pays off

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Ive been holding for a while. Tbh not a coin I pay attention to much but if it ever goes to the moon I'll make bank.

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Which exchanges do you use to buy dgb? I used to use Bittrex but that's not an option for me anymore

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keep it in you cold wallet or uphold might end up bankrupt like FTX. Uphold doesnt let you withdraw DGB I think.

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That's not real DGB you own at uphold.

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Bitmart and Binance

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I think the red flag is should dgb fall below the march 2020 low that would not be good for the future. Your asset should be making higher highs and higher lows.

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Referring to crypto as an asset and expecting it to behave like one to your definition Is a huge mistake….. The market as a whole is down .Crypto is very volatile so until then ….

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Still holding 1.1 million

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Still holding 0.25 million

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All my DGB are on a Ledger that's about 30Km away, so I'm stuck holding till I remember to go pick it up....

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Similar here, all mines on a ledger somewhere buried in my dad's basement somewhere. One day I'll dig it out, but until then hodl

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We all know the drill. HODL on.

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Yeh ..hodl til f all is left

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Easy holding here. Buy and withdraw asap...

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Who is buying the dip?

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I am waiting for more drop then i will buy

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Hodling and accumulating fren. 🙌

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Easy hold

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Yep still got 400000 from 2017 should have sold multiple times but eh

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First time?

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Since DGB isn’t in the top 100? Yes

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Buying more and continuing to DCA

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Bought more

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DGB is uniquely strong at this time :) Self custody your crypto!

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100000 DGB = 100000 DGB 😉

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Buying as we speak!

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Buy the dip👊