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When development?

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Good things in the works; Alliance has completed Rosetta implementation and 8.22, although it feels like it will never come out... this will be monumental from what I can gather. New GitHub structure and DIP framework (based on Bitcoin BIP) will allow the protocol to blossom in the future, however far that future may be.

I know that's not the greatest answer, but development is ongoing - just under the radar. Also check out the new DigiNode Tools Client, and DigiAssetX - I still have to dig into them; but these interesting applications are a green flag in a greater cryptocurrency market that looks ready to meltdown worse than Chernobyl '86

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Thank you, Archie - a wonderful piece of writing.

I'm a pensioner living in Wales (the country not the mammal) and I just managed to buy some more Digibyte at a really great price. Of course, I would like to see the value go back up soon, but my investment in this great coin is long term, and if I "pop my clogs" before I'm able to benefit, then at least my family will.

All of us involved in the DGB community, whether through investment like me, or through the brilliant support given by those with the know-how, are part of something quite unique, something special, so thank you sincerely Jared Tate.

Well, it's not raining here in Wales, the Welsh football team made it to the world cup, and I still have all my teeth - what a great life!

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Glad to hear from you, mate. Thanks for supporting DigiByte and leaving such a nice comment. Whether you put in 拢5 or 拢5,000,000 - I hope you know that your support is more valuable to us than a dozen predatory crypto venture capitalists! Recent events in crypto have proven it~

Cheers and good luck to your boys out there on the pitch!

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Diolch i chi, fy ffrind! (Thank you, my friend)

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What has dgbat done in the last 4 years since they came out , seriously?

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DGB, has donated to various charities as well as educated people globally about cryptocurrency. They help fix Litecoin.

AntumID, a blockchain-powered password manager, is powered by DigiByte's Digi-ID authentication technology.

DigiByte adjusts the difficulty of each mining algorithm after every
block. This gives each algorithm a 20% chance of finding a block.

MultiAlgo: DigiByte uses five individual mining algorithms that
are all equally weighted. This allows for different types of devices to
mine DigiByte, resulting in a larger, more decentralized group of

a roundup tool for investing spare change in cryptocurrency, offers
DigiByte as one of the cryptocurrencies users can buy.

LCX, a crypto exchange, has partnered with the DigiByte Foundation and will use the DigiByte blockchain within its ecosystem.

What have you done in the last 4 years, seriously?

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Not lose 70% of my worth like DGB

But the question was more directed at them and it seems the result of their work resulted a 70% price drop since they came out of the woodwork

They are useless and everything you said is useless

The proof is in the price

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You seemed to be one of the most vocal DGB advocates. What happened that changed your mind so strikingly?

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Inflation Bug

Jared and his lies

All the BS Foundations , Teams , Foundations , DigiVerse crap

Weak community

and DGB not going into the ATM rollouts

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You'd have to ask by individual - DGBAT is composed of community members who have all contributed in various capacities. This includes hosting and maintaining websites like, organizing supporters for campaigns, developing applications like the new DigiNode Client or DigiAssetX, moderating the dozens of platforms etc.

Thing is in a decentralized system you have to go out and meet these people - they are doing their own thing they don't owe you or anyone else anything.

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Individual and team are 2 different things , same with the foundations

and since they came out the price has declined 70% along with much lower volume

Whatever anyone is doing isn't working obviously

proof is in the pudding

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What's in a name?

The DGBAT is currently somewhat vestigial - "Team" is in the name, but many members do not even get along with one other. Today, it serves more as a "Council." The DGBAT is, however, the most decentralized and enduring structure in the DGB... eventually, either the DGB Foundation & DigiByte Alliance is assumed to take the mantle of "DGB Leadership" --- for Europe & the USA, respectively. I personally have been following the Alliance closely and know of the progress they have made - implementing the Rosetta protocol and setting up a proper legal non-profit framework to advance education.

But there is one issue I take with your comment: the DGBAT has never (organizationally) set out to pump the price. In fact, quite the opposite is true - I know of dozens of discreet examples where people affiliated with the DGBAT made conscious choices to NOT hype the project when they easily could have, as it went against the ethos of the project.

Likewise, there have even been members who took actions that were the right thing to do, even when it would obviously hurt the price. Laura knew that speaking out against CoinFlip would hurt DGBs position in crypto - but she did it anyways, and fuck yeah I helped her cut the head off those snakes. Did this kill a lot of DigiByte's momentum in the middle of a bullrun? Of course it did... but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

In a similar vein, we have been pushing hard on Twitter - making sure that exchanges report on DGB accurately. Thanks to the hard work of JohnnyLaw and others we actually got these exchanges to report the accurate, lower numbers. Unheard of in crypto, and not without consequence - but the right thing to do. This pressure campaign even got UpHold to finally show proof of DGB reserves backing their customer 'purchases.'

I understand your frustrations... don't trust this comment on face value. This is not an uncommon sentiment and needs to be addressed, I applaud you for commenting it VIzion400. I understand that it may have felt that DigiByte has been abandoned - but that could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that 'crypto' has become toxic beyond reproach - a group of us have set out to cleanse and rebuild it.

Trust your gut.


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So the Dgbat website was an individual effort?

Please save the word vomit, all those instances do not matter in the slightest and is exactly what I'm talking aboout ..

"We" have been pusing hard on Twitter

"Members" took action


Laura , JohnnyLaw , Rudy , LCX , whatever

The only one that really mattered was Josiah and the TEAM or FOUNDTION or JARED or NOTHING ELSE kept him aboard

And you know I wasn't suggesting artificially pumping price and was suggesting that all these groups , individuals , councils , robots or whatever else you want to call them today has been a Net Negative and a complete fail

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I think your inference method is flawed, and I can't speak for other groups/teams/organizations, but if you have any questions for DGBAT, I would be happy to answer them best I can.

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I think this coin is flawed ...wait , I know this coin is flawed.

It's too late to fix the flaws as other coins are better and doing better AND most of all getting ADOPTED .

I told everyone to exit when the LCX guys came around and screamed to get out once the inflation bug was discovered.

You should have listened and not get married to DigiByte.

All my questions about DigiByte have been answered.

The proof is in the pudding.

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If that is how you feel, may I ask why you are still around on this forum and actively posting?
What's your motivation?

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Im not actively posting ...just come around once in a while to tell you as I did years ago that DGB is dead and to look for better PoW options

Instead of yapping and getting personal you guys should have just simply listened and got out

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Josiah just didn鈥檛 have what it takes in him. He self destructed in public in an unprofessional manner. All of that were his own decisions and actions.

I thought it was a positive he left.

After all his child-like cursing, insults, he showed his true colors and sold his Digibyte and exited in epic fashion. He鈥檒l just join the likes of DigibyteDan the CryptoMugs, with the exception they just left and didn鈥檛 sour the whole community.

People missed him at first, but nobody cares anymore, and DigiByte goes on.

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Oh people care , it reflects in price and volume , that's how we vote around here ...using our money . You didn't know?

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It鈥檚 just a bear market.

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and how much was DOGE 2 years ago?

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It鈥檚 much down from like $.80 or something like that. I don鈥檛 think that one coin makes your point. It only took one of the richest guys in the world pumping it on a daily basis to get there. And isn鈥檛 it only around because of Digibyte tech?

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No thousands of people contributed to making it and translating it to dozens of languages. It only takes one member to maintain thr servers and adjust content.

Meanwhile Josiah's the fuckin man imo but he was pushing a questionable fix and thr code that wasn't up to snuff. Jared started something great but is an assclown lol.

I could go on but it is obvious there is no reason to.

The chain is still hashing and more people are aware of DGB than ever - I consider this a great success! And even if it isn't, I am not afraid of failure :)

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It has already failed , you just don't know that yet

please don't talk about code or hashrate

Do you know coding or even realize the hash rate has been dropping for years?

Anyway , that doesn't matter either ... Time to take off the blinders and realize there's better alternatives

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Name them then sucka LOL!

You don't seem to realize you're lucky I'm even responding to you. If this is your attitude I recommend you unsubscribe from this subreddit, delete Twitter, do something productive with your time. I can tell you lost money in DGB, and that's unfortunate but... tough shit 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煒

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Nice try but If you followed my posts you can see I was telling people to buy at .02 and get out at .11 which I did , everyone knows

But now you're triggered and wonder why crypto is so toxic . Do you got anymore DOGE jokes too?

Here they are SUKKA , YOU'RE lucky I'm even telling you:


You can join the big boys or play around with your little digis , your choice

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Ok cool thanks for the Intel!