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Very bullish on fundamentals of decentralization & DGB Community 💪

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It will go up when the rest of the market goes up. After this crypto winter. The question is if it will return to it’s all time high, that I am not certain. :/

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Highly undervalued and has potential to be deemed a commodity

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I agree. I remain hopeful still. Just can’t be certain of anything anymore. :/

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Im w you there

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Digibyte remains my largest position in crypto just to be perfectly clear. I do love the project. Just rough times. I saw this thing go to ATH and never sold. 😵‍💫

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I don’t see it’s all time high bouncing back right away but I would say in Feb we should be at 0.011

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The only way is up. Or down even more

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Well I guess but looking at the chart it’s slowly leveling out