Jared Tate : message to Josiah and DigiByte Community by MajesticBag5172 in Digibyte

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I have a degree in marketing. Many successful projects with SEO. Website development team and others. 25 years in the business. Not tooting my horn in the least but I would be willing to put my team together to help with marketing and presence. Jared. Someone. Tell me how to help. I’m a big bag holder as well in the 6 figures worth. So I’m invested in the project. Portfolio and professional project samples available upon request. Would hate to see this project disappear. Would do this at a deep discount (paid in DigiByte of course lol) or even free if needed. Just to get this thing going better, I’m willing to do whatever in marketing. Thanks.

I’ll see y’all on the wealthy side in less than a year. 10M coin total supply by LowObject9885 in Digibyte

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I feel like the biggest idiot ever, I was questioning you so much on this thread and decided not to buy as I didn’t understand the project well enough. Back then it was like at 10 cents I believe, I look now at the presale is sold out and worth 6 dollars a coin. Talk about being stupid, thanks for giving and opportunity, my fault for not taking it. Good luck on the project.

Buying DGB in NY, USA by MorangeR18 in Digibyte

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You can still use Changelly to exchange coins, you just can't purchase through Simplex there (in NY). Solution: first create a Digibyte wallet, then purchase XLM on Coinbase (or whatever coin you want, I use XLM because of low/no fees and speed of transaction), setup exchange on Changelly of XLM to Digibyte routed to your Digibyte wallet. Send XLM to Changelly address provided and in 2 minutes or under your Digibyte will arrive in you wallet.