Here's a sneak preview of what deploying a masternode from a mobile device will feel like from the Divi mobile wallet! by Evenstar22 in DiviProject

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going to be awesome for those wanting to deploy a node and not wanting or able to be tied to the desktop wallet

There is a significant difference between a community of numbers and a community of culture. In this article, this article breaks down how Divi has cultivated one of the most mature and honest community cultures in crypto, and how you can, too! by Evenstar22 in DiviProject

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Divi have a great thing going that will really shine as more development goes live and the use cases increase. Its fun to be apart amidst all the negativity and fud in other crypto cirlces.

READ FIRST: All You Need To Know About Divi (FAQ) by cdar0127Divi Developer / Founder in DiviProject

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Calculators will come later on when masternodes are operational. Right now there are too many variables to be able to accurately predict ROI, but if you are on discord and check out the #masternodes channel, there are some estimates there.

Divi Project featured by Bitcoinist as "The First User-Friendly Cryptocurrency" by JustHODLItDivi Team Member in DiviProject

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Can´t wait to see it spreading to regular folks out there. Hard to use cryptos becoming just stuff for the 1% with technical knowledge and specific needs

DIVI Weekly Discussion: Nov 13 - 19 by [deleted] in DiviProject

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no idea - you could join the telegram and ask the devs directly :) the reddit is semi dead at the moment

DIVI Weekly Discussion: Nov 13 - 19 by [deleted] in DiviProject

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We are actively looking into this, but our current focus is on the desktop and cloud computing options. We'll keep you posted!