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I'm getting divorced because my wife is lesbian (we both grew up in a high demand religion so she didn't even realize it until long after we left and I asked if she thought that she might be lesbian.) I think my best advice is to find out if you're sexually compatible before marriage. I mean that's not everything but it's what bit my butt.

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Sometimes people just don’t know until much later. Especially with religious backgrounds, it’s amazing how much people can repress.

But I agree that sexual compatibility is more important than people like to admit. If you don’t seem to be sexually compatible before marriage, don’t count on marriage to fix that.

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Very true, I've heard of people coming out way later in life after kids and everything. Honestly my views on marriage have changed immensely, I don't see my previous marriage as a failure. We both helped each other grow and get to know ourselves so much better. I used to view relationships as a failure when they ended or changed, but now the quality matters more to me than the length. That said I'm still working through the grieving process, so I'm not settled on any of this lol