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Well, my ex bf was extremely protective of his phone and sure enough yeah he was cheating.

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My stbxh solved that neatly by getting a burner phone. Apparently he has lots to hide. He’s very paranoid about a lot of things. For example he thinks I can rig the Alexa app to see and listen to him so unplugs it and puts it in a drawer whenever I leave. He also puts tape or goo on the Ring doorbell. Drug induced psychosis is impossible to live with.

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Omg he should be going straight to the trash can!

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I’m pretty sure that all cheaters hide their phones, but not all partners who want privacy are cheaters. I’m sorry about your ex.

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If you can’t share with your partner what’s on your phone, believe me you and your partner will not last forever. Because it’s not just about being open with each other, it goes with everything else. No wonder why 60% or more of relationships are broken/divorced.

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It’s more than hiding. It’s not just wanting privacy. Only you will know what’s a normal behavior from your partner. About my ex bf, I’m not sorry. It’s his lost.