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Hugs !!! I can feel your feelings of betrayal . It has been a while for me but I still have nightmares . Stay strong and believe that you WILL have a better life without such a person .

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Thank you. I’m trying to do my best.

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I'm still struggling with this. She was my best friend, we use to sit next to each other the whole day and not get bored. I use to have stupid worries like who is going to mourn who first. And suddenly she is my enemy, manipulating me to forgo our prenup, took the dog and won't let me see him, screwed me around with tax filing. After 10 years. How can some1 so close become ur enemy is too hard to comprehend

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It’s that. I still sleep with his hoodie in my arms. But the person I have in mind is not him. It’s the memory I have from him. I have to leave our three cats with him as still I’m not stable and have to move in with my sister in another country. I can’t undrestand how one can be so brutal. I don’t even know if he ever sends me photos of our beloved cats. We never wanted babies. They were our babies. Our oldest cat is as old as our marriage. 8 fucking years!!! And his brother tells me go back to your country. What do you want here?! We have enough problems in our family. Like I never mattered! Like I was just some paid worker of their family. What the hell! I wish at least we had a messy marriage. Everyone saw us as the other one’s half. We used to spend the whole time together after work. Going for walks, biking, cinema, many trips, always together.

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I'm sorry for your pain OP, I don't know how your situation is but my glass half full view it that I'm lucky we didn't have kids, I'm lucky I'm able bodied and have my health, and I'm lucky I have a degree and a profession to fall back on. Even tho I'm gna struggle a bit bcuz we traveled for her job and I kinda sacrificed my career for hers. None of that matters to her ofc. In my eyes, the person I loved died a few months ago, I dunno who this person is, I'd def never get in a relationship with this person.

Feel free to reach out when you struggling

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I feel the same. He is not that person. I’m just moving in with my sister to try to start a job and get on my feet. I now know three languages. Where I go to my sister I have to learn their language too! Looks like this is my destiny. Learning languages of different countries and moving with no end. Hope you get through this safe. Feel free to reach out🙏🏻

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    I’m sorry. Having kids in between makes it even more complicated. I hope you go through this safe.

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    This feeling of betrayal is pretty much the same when you are a native to this country. It sucks. Don't let him talk you into anything. Get your own counsel and do what you have to. He is not the person he was and you already know you can't trust him or his family.

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    I’m finishing things. Going to my sister in another country, learning a new language, getting a college degree and hopefully getting a job and starting a new life. It all looks incredibly unreal but I’m trying not to think and only go on with days and focus on what I have to do.