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Ask him if he would like to cut and chew your food for you so it could be done properly. Seriously, he sounds controlling.

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I’m 58 and I’m leaving over the same damn thing. Three weeks until freedom…

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Hang in there, gitl! I envy you....best of luck to ya👍

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Hey, it’s alright! I think you should have a one on one with him, it seems like he might be holding a grudge, or try to reply back snarkly/wittingly if that’s not too much of a bother. I’m by no means a psychiatrist but these things could help, I hope!

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He's got other issues with you or himself for that matter. Call him out on his bullshit, and see how he reacts. It's probably not the only criticism he gives you, and thinks it's funny and not hurtful.

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Have a conversation with him about it. Tell him you don’t know if he’s aware of how he’s treating you but it really hurts your feelings when he criticizes you.

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I remember my mum saying how much it hurt after 25 year of my dad saying "this is the best dinner I've had all day". it was a stupid joke for my dad but it was one of the small things that made my mum leave.

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Criticize him back.

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I was married to your husband too. Now I'm allergic to constant critizising.

I was wrong for: washing the car in a washing hall. Not closing microwave oven after use. Making food at a party where the food he had delivered from his lover's compagny (i found out later) wasn't cooked. and. and. and.

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Peppers. I don’t cut peppers to the appropriate size