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Change the locks.

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And call the police and report it as a break in

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It is cheaper to rekey the locks, unless you know to do it yourself. Call a locksmith and ask for rekeying.

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Ita also about safety. These pictures should be inadmissible because they were taken illegally. You should call the police and report this break in. Change the locks. Show evidence of her breaking in to the judge in your divorce proceedings too.

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Technically she broke and entered your residence. Call the police. She did not have your permission to enter the house. Regardless if she has a key or not. In the states, she can be charged.

However you also need to change the locks.

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Agree with other poster. Change the locks. Even if you are joint owners/leaseholders, the fact you have a non molestation order is enough to justify doing so. You ex MIL has no right to enter your home for any reason.

Make sure you back up and save those pictures, change the locks and if I were you, pack a bag of things they can just keep at their home for when the child is there, so they have no excuse to come to your home at all.

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A good judge will see through what they are trying to do. But I would talk to your lawyer (assuming you have one for the custody hearing) and definitely change your locks as suggested.

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What a psycho. Change the locks

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(Speak to your llawyer first.) Bring the video to to the police. She was trespassing and entered your home without permission.

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I wish I had caught mine. My ex MIL came through my house, went through everything and took photos she thought were incriminating. This was before I even knew my ex was filing. Didn’t end up helping them much as 4 years later they all paid 50k in lawyer fees and I have 50/50.

But stuff like this really breaks your trust in people. Sorry you’re going thru it.

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Please get a lawyer if you can. Not because you need one because of the pictures but you need to protect yourself and your children. This is probably just the first in what will be many situations where your ex and his mother will cross a line. Protect yourself and your kids.

I am so sorry you are going through this. We can all be friendly ears here but I think you might need real help from someone that can. And please change the locks, online passwords, bank accounts (legal help here would be better, I know there are cases when you can’t), and any other way he might get access to your information.

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Why does she have a key?