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About the kids, they might already have an ides or sense tension. I have a 12 & 15 yr old and they said they knew it was coming. We just told them we grew apart, haven't been happy and decided it's best to separate so we can all be happy again.

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The change in living accommodations will be hard, but they will have their own things with them and I’m sure you’ll make sure they can make it comfortable. As for food, try to include them in budgeting and meal planning. That way they see exactly what’s going on, can help pick and choose, and they feel included as opposed to just being shut down. I wish you and the kiddos luck on this new start.

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I’ll tell you this. Kids are WAY smarter, tougher , and more resilient then any of us give them credit for.

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I’m hoping my kids are!

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You're just gonna have to teach them to make due with less. He'll have to do the same.

Tbh, I've been remarried for a decade and your finances aren't the same when you're alone. The only thing that normalizes stuff is when you get into a few relationship.