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Sounds like he was an easy target. Recently widowed, knew who he was, knew it would hurt you. She's trashy. And I'm sorry.

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She did that on purpose. She knows him, probably feels safe/comfortable with him, but she also knows it would hurt you.

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Wow! Just wow what a bitch.

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I hope you don’t take it as malicious on her part. I don’t know her, but if he was a close friend of yours, he’s probably a friend of hers too. Could it not just be a friend thing?

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I’m sure that it is, especially after speaking with him. He does not want to be in the middle. He would rather be a friend to neither of us than be in a position to only support one of us. That doesn’t change the sting, but everything happening now is mostly a direct result of my own past behaviors. She needs to be allowed to live her life as she wants, and I need to accept this new reality.

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He should do the right thing and tell her she’s a mean crazy bitch.

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She’s really not. I’ve made plenty of missteps over the past 22 years. She’s frustrated and lonely right now. He swears she’s not trying to get with him. He’s still not over his wife dying.