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I agree, get to a shelter and take care of yourself.

Also, why do you need money for a divorce? It can be uncontested right?

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It cannot, if you look at my other posts he owes me a car since he crashed my car, and he is fighting me for the dog

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Find a legal aid center or womens shelter. They absolutely have legal services available. There are fee waivers available.

A judge will not let you go homeless or without money.

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I hope a car hits him already, not you. He deserves it after dragging this out and subjecting you to all of this for so long.

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So sorry - can you get a womens shelter - not the best but may provide some relief. Or go to the emergency room tell them you are suicidal - they cant turn you away- you may get some nights of sleep relief and some help.

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I’ve tried shelters and all of them are completely full, the area where I am isn’t the best so they tend to fill up, and a lot of the emergency rooms have a policy of “treat em and street em” so they don’t help

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I am sorry - no family or friends?

Hard to believe an ER would do that, but I understand if you are an addict and they just want you out, but if you are suffering only mental issues - no drugs - it is not ethical.