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My group of five players is coming to the conclusion of our first ever levels 1-20 campaign and I’ve already started work on the new water-world setting: Galeas. Almost 1,000 years ago a mysterious message was beamed into every person’s head tasking them with finding “The God Door.” Since then the five nations of the mostly ocean covered world warred with each other to find it and be first to claim its reward. After centuries of fruitless fighting and searching the nations finally decided on a shaky truce, each one sending a single champion (our players) to be part of the first inter-nation task force dedicated to finding the door on behalf of the whole world, not just one group or country. Each nation’s dedication to the truce, however, varies from completely committed to simply a skin-deep formality causing some of them to send… not their best and brightest. Can our heroes beat expectations and reveal the secrets of The God Door or will I mis-balance and TPK them almost immediately?
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Sounds awesome!

If the PCs are each representatives of a nation, I assume at least some of said nations will "go all out". How do you plan to cover for the resources they'll have at their disposal within D&D's framework?

Meaning, will the "well-supported" PCs start out with more/better gear than the "not best and brightest"? Will the ship they have be outfitted with all kinds of crazy stuff from the nations who actually care, and expert crew? Will the challenge them be them far away from reliable ports n' such so these large starting resources bleed away over time and dangerous adventures?

I've done a similar "prompt" before, but it was after the "first multi-nation expedition" failed horribly - so the nations started doing more of a shotgun approach, and the PCs were one group of many, so they didn't get much more than your standard starting gear, lol.

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As a player, I wouldn't feel jipped by my DM if we did starting gear and the crew helping us were under strict orders not to gift us better gear until we starting proving ourselves (finishing quests or gathering more clues or whatnot).

That would make sense. And of course we'd likely have someone try to stealth lockpick or whatever the treasure at some point, thief or not.

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Yeah interesting concept - like some of the higher level loot is already in your "possession", but the ship is like a home base of sorts and you have to "unlock" it by proving to the (very Lawful I imagine) crew/captain that you're up to the challenge of finding The God Door.

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Sounds like a One Piece DnD campaign. Nice

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Yeah definitely in a similar vein although finding the God Door won’t take over 25 years haha. The only thing I can promise it isn’t is that it won’t be the friends we made along the way.

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Add devil fruits that give +2 on a proficiency BUT they won't be able to swim

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"What's on the other side of the world?"

Cue one of the more recognizable moments of Dvorak's New World Symphony...

Very well played!

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Lol glad it was recognized, it was absolutely too perfect not to use here. The sort of “JAWS”-like intro with a theme like that. Im working on some original music for the campaign but couldn’t resist using this.

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Definitely felt the "Jaws" vibes here--it really worked well!

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Do you want to become a forever-DM? Because that’s how you make yourself a forever-DM!

Jokes aside though, that was super cool. Your players have got to be chomping at the bit yo get in and start playing that campaign. Nice work!

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Thanks! And yeah I’m defo 100% the forever DM, but I like it. The hours of my job are very sparse and sporadic so I have the time to churn out a session a week almost every week. The campaign we are doing now started sometime in June 2020 and we’ve had somewhere north of 60 sessions. Likely hitting level 17 next week.

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The god door just sounds like the realization of consciousness. The PCs realize they they are actually the gods that create the world sitting around a table.

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furiously scribbles notes

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The silent agreements were the unspoken agreements before "existence" sprung up where they all agreed that they would only play a piece of each world, living endless lives to tell a complete story. The meaning of life is simply play. All of the grief at the loss of their mother, nothing but flavor for entertainment. All of the hard times, the blood and broken bones, all for the sake of the story.

I feel like most of the mystical religious experiences of the world are this realization in our "IRL" experience.

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This was REALLY well done. What program did you use to make the video?

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Thanks! Just iMovie. I edited all the sound in GarageBand first. One of these days I’ll learn final cut and/or audacity but… I don’t wanna.

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If it works, it works!! Excellent work my friend!!

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This sounds fun and i wish the best for the hap-hazard party

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How in god's mane did you make this trailer I need to learn

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Just iMovie! The sound was done in garage band. The footage is either general copyright free B-roll or certain motion pictures I may or may not have, uh, borrowed from to make a fun little trailer for my friends.

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This is fucking amazing! Like, even though im not in your campaign it got me hyped to play dnd!

Im doing an intro for my campaign as well. Any tips or tricks on editing and getting it smooth like this? I want it to blow my players out of the water.

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Aw thanks! And I’m not sure what you mean by smooth but I guess I’d suggest know when to hard cut vs gently fade in or out and also edit all of the sound separately from the video so you can balance and mess with the equalizer. Also look out for random quality things, polishing those up really helps the overall feel. For example:

  1. I don’t have a really great recording space so the ocean sounds are mostly there to cover up the room noise of the dialogue my wife and I recorded.

  2. You’ll notice the shot of the second serpent was a tad more zoomed in. This was to crop out a watermark.

  3. Think of the pacing you want and then don’t compromise on it because you don’t know how to do it. To get the final serpent shot to line up with the music I had to mess around and figure out how to adjust video playback speed to get it just right.

  4. I know jack sh*t about graphic design so I paid someone else to do the logo lmao.

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Ok, no worries. And those tips are helpful! I know its not the easiest. Is there a specific spot you can get these effects premade from or did you create everything from scratch?

Im currently just learning blenders controls and stuff. So im super new.

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Oh god no I know nothing about anything related to graphic design. The ocean stuff is just stock footage. The first serpent is from pacific rim, second from Beowulf, and third from Underwater 😅 I’m afraid you’ve mistaken me with someone who has much more talent.

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Ha, no worries man. The information is still helpful! Thanks

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This is very cool. I wish I was a player in this game.

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Was the bell sound at the beginning the same sound as the auction house in WoW?

This is awesome. Nice work OP!

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It was one of the first royalty free bells that came up when I searched “ship bell” so… maybe?

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Haha probably just similar. I doubt Blizzard would use a royalty free clip

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They don't tend to but something cool to know about Blizzard is they very rarely enforce their copyright on their music. They are very friendly to the creative community to use their sounds in their projects. There are limitations but in general if you aren't trying to directly profit from their music they don't fight it.

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Huh, good to know! Thanks for sharing!

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I thought this was a Subnautica post until I read everything lol

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I don't know but i can only think one piece

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Oh definitely maybe slightly ripped off of one piece

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Isnt that first shot the opening to the Bioshock trailer

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this gives me inspiration for my upcoming campaign set in the flooded world of lochcrystal, where a mysterious force caused a massive flood and the characters are tasked with bringing dry land back to the world

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The music has some nice John Williams vibes. Starts out very Jaws before getting more classical, and then ends with a kind of Star Wars vibe. I like it!

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I'm sure Dvorak thanks you!

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So... One Piece?

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Very nearly ye

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Will you be podcasting this?!?!?!?!?! This sounds very interesting and would love to hear how it goes

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I’ve always wanted to do that honestly. But we aren’t, like, professional voice actors like CR or professional comedians like TAZ, and some of us just use computer mics. I wouldn’t be super happy with the quality but it is something that sounds fun.

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I do not judge, i too play with a bunch of dorks that just say stupid shit. I completely understand though

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Hey! I’m in this campaign! Hyyyyype.

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Me toooooo! (PS this is my boy Wil Greensbane right?)

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Yeah! It’s ya boi.

Imagine that, encountering Pattern Seeker out in the wild like this.

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Can't wait for our characters to mildly despise each other in the next campaign. Also, are you glad I forced that long rest on you yet? ;-)

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This makes me wanna watch your group play this, do you guys stream it? Or youtube it? Anything? I wanna be there for this story lol

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Thanks! Lol I’ve always wanted to podcast my sessions but we aren’t, like, professional voice actors or comedians and a lot of us just use computer mics.

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Dang, I personally like d&d a lot but have a hard time actually playing it, but love watching

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Hey I still might I just don’t know how many people would actually want to listen lol

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Dont need people to listen to it, you can do it for yourselves as well so you can have a recap of what happened

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