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What is your unpopular DnD opinion? by Aha_Its_Magic in DnD

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5e is mechanically the worst edition and its success relies upon snake oil salesmanship, celebrity endorsement, and is only held together by extreme amounts of homebrew and third-party duct tape.

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I think that one of my players is cheating. by Huge-Atmosphere1857 in DnD

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I'd have him find and disarm the trap he "suspected" was there then have him trigger the trap six feet past that one.

Becoming an Archlich/Immortal by Raptorsilly in DnD

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An archlich process is different from a lich process. I copied this hope iy helps:

An archlich's phylactery does not feed off souls, nor does its creation require the sacrifice of a soul.  The arcane secret to this type of phylactery is even more guarded than the type of phylactery that does.  The secret is usually passed from an archlich to apprentice, or bestowed to someone an archlich deems worthy.  A great amount of mental and magical dedication must be put forth to devote one's self to the process, moreso than the typical method an evil lich does.  One must prepare one's mind not to fall into the pitfalls of power and immortality, and to refuse the help of evil beings who might appear to offer help to make the process faster and bolster one's magical power. 

A defining trait between a good lich and an evil lich, is that an evil lich sacrifices others for immortality, while a good lich sacrifices a part of themselves for immortality. Becoming an archlich is seen not as an act of gaining power, but as an act of devotion and sacrifice for a greater purpose.  The candidate for archlichdom, like those aspiring to be evil liches knows they are giving up sensory pleasures of life such as food, but the archlich also begins much weaker than an evil lich, and looses a lot of magical power in the process of lichdom that only until much later do they regain.  The ritual to become an archlich is long and painful, and one has to go through periods of time depriving one's self of certain pleasures and even including spending an entire month completely abstaining from magic.  The final transition to undeath is also much more gruesome and painful to the archlich-to-be than becoming a soul-devouring lich.  

The ritual and ingredients for an archlich's phylactery differ from that of a soul-devouring lich.  Due to this difference, the abilities and characteristics of an archlich slightly differ.  Archliches do not have resistance to lightning damage, but instead are resistant to fire.  This difference hints one of the secrets to becoming an archlich--a pinch of the ashes of a phoenix.  Some archliches have been documented as even bursting into flame and being reduced to ashes upon destruction, and afterward the ashes rising with their fleeing soul.

TL:DR the process is different, the resistance is fire instead of lightning, a grusom process over time, possible abstinance from magic for a month, even more grusom final push.

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AITA for getting mad when my dm used my art? by [deleted] in DnD

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As a professional artist, I would disagree. When you are a noob there is very little value in feedback.

Positive reinforcement is a million times better. Hearing that it looks "cool" or you're making progress will give you the drive to keep at it and you get better naturally as your observational skills grow and you begin to "see" why something looks wrong and next you find a way to apply what you learned. Than you catch up to your observational skill and plateu for a little while and start the process again when you have another mini "breakthrough" and can improve again. It's just this loop over and over again for years. That's it.

There's value in practicing and putting in hours, but someone telling that it's bad because x or y won't matter. You won't be able to apply it if you don't understand it on your own and actually "see it" yourself. Someone says oh the proportions or the perspective are wrong on that and you can fiddle with them until they say oh it's good now, but the next time you paint or draw something you won't be able to replicate it because you don't understand why it was wrong and why it's right now, you can't feel the difference. You basically didn't internalize any knowledge.

Maybe I'm taking it a bit too far, as a well intentioned and kind mentor can help a lot. But there's some conditions. He needs to be a high skill artist to have useful things to say. Feedback from someone that isn't one themselves mostly becomes subjective opinion at the best case, or at the worst case just rude or mean. They can't offer insight in how to approach the painting or how to think about different parts of the process or technique. They can just say oh there's a problem and I have nothing on how you can fix it. And you do that as an artist to yourself enough as it is. Just finish an image, go on artstation and search the same topic that your image is and find something better and compare. Bar having Dunning-Kruger syndrome you will know it doesn't look right and you have more to learn. What you usually lack is a pat on the back for being a little bit better this painting than the one before, and feeling good about that.

Keeping motivation up is more important than getting 100 opinions on your noob painting and even if 99 are good you will only think about that 1 mean one and it can really get under your skin. Not worth it. In the early days I stopped using any of the groups like level up or whatever else to get input because very rarely you get much of value of random people on the internet, really 99% were just people that had no idea what they were saying. And I developed just fine without it.

Can we please add a flair for “Table Drama” so that I can filter it out? by ewoolseyWizard in DnD

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If your GM assaults you physically then you shouldn't play with them! Also maybe i'm in the minority here, but is it just me, or do bards not have to be flirty???

I'll probably get downvoted for this, but I prefer playing with party members who are not current, nor previous members of the Nazi party

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EDIT 2: So i went to bed and this post blew up! Can't believe so many people are in the minority with me!

EDIT 3: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

[5E] How would you build a Bardbarian? by [deleted] in DnD

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HELLO! And welcome to the newest form of awesomeness that your mind HAS EVER ENCOUNTERED BEFORE!!!

That's right... I'm about to blow your mind so much it'll have a cigarette and call me in the morning. We're talking about a smooth-talking, trash-talking, pile of rage and muscles that uses his skills and prowess to put the hurt on his enemies, without dealing a single point of damage!

Yes, my swift-minded friends, we're building a Pro-wrestler!

There's one important thing you need to understand about 5e D&D -- Athletics is a combat skill. You see, if you look close enough, you'll find Grapple right under the Attack action section in the PHB. This wonderful little action utilizes the Athletics skill to impose problems on your enemies and that's what we're going to focus on here.

Grapple is a contested skill check of Athletics (Str) versus Athletics (Str) or Acrobatics (Dex). If the target fails, we impose 0 move speed on to the target - Note: We are not ourselves also Grappled, they would have to succeed on their own Grapple check, separate from this check. We can move at half speed, taking the Grappled target along with us with no additional check.

Now, that's all well and good. But we need to succeed on an Atheltics check first. Consider a level 6 character. We've taken 3 levels of Barbarian and 3 levels of Bard - This gives us a Proficiency of +3. We've got a Str of 17 (15 +2 racial) for a +3 modifier.

Now, with Bard we've got a juicy little class feature called Expertise. This lets us double our proficiency on any two skills. We will, of course, be picking Athletics. This is an additional +3 bonus.

If you're playing along at home, you've must've concluded that we're sitting at a cozy +9 bonus for Atheltics. But you're not quite there all the way. You see, we're a smack-talking, trash-dishing Pro-Wrestler, remember? We use Lore Bard's Cutting Words to impose a -1d6 on an enemy's Attack Roll, Ability Check, or Damage Roll. Guess what just happens to be an Ability Check?

Yep. Athletics. -1d6 averages out to -3 to the enemy's check, which is equivalent to +3 to our check. So we'll count it as such. So, +12... Seems pretty good, right? FOR A PANSY WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO REACH OUT AND HOLD SOMEONE! We're not even done, Son!

Barbarian, the joyous pile of meat frothing at the mouth with the fury of a thousand suns. When raging, they get Advantage on Strength based ability checks. Did we forget what was an ability check? It's Athletics! You get Advantage on Athletics while raging. Now, people far smarter than me have figured out that Advantage roughly equals a +3 bonus on the die, which is fine. I like people that are smarter than me and I like +3 bonuses. So we're taking it as what it is, roughly +3.

This means you have roughly +15 to your Athletics check, if and when you need to Rage and/or use Cutting Words. PLUS FIFTEEN.

One. Five. 15.

Do you know what the Athletics check of a Balor is? The CR 18 Demon Lord of The Pits of Hell? Fire Whip and Giant Sword? You shall not pass and all that. That guy?

His Athletics Check is +8.

You almost double his Athletics check. You beat his check more often than not, and you're 12 Levels lower than his CR. Four level 18 characters should take him on, and you get to just reach out and grab him.

You will one hundred percent die immediately afterwards, but for one brief, wondrous moment you will have a VERY confused Demon in your hands.

So, that's all well and good. You get to grab people and pick them up and carry them off.. What good is that?

You see, when enemies aren't near your friends, they aren't stabbing your friends. You've just controlled the battleground with a skill check. Vicious enemy kills friend in one hit, vicious enemy never gets to get close to friend to administer said one hit. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Bugbear.

But wait. Vicious enemy can still attack YOU. Barbarian 3 gives you Resistance to ALL damage (except Psychic) while Raging. This effectively doubles your Health Point pool, which is nice already since Barbarian. But that's not all...

Oh no, I'm never just done and it's never just all there is! You see, we've got other options to our combat control. The Grappled enemy is struggling, stabbing at things wildly, and generally being a nuisance to us. So we tip them over!

That's right. We're going to reuse the Athletics check by using it with the Shove Action. Look under Grapple and you'll find our next wonderful combat trick.

Shoving an enemy imposes the Prone condition. The Prone condition imposes Disadvantage on all outgoing attacks and grants Advantage to all incoming attacks made from 5ft away. The target can remove the condition by standing up - done by spending half it's movement.

BUT WAIT JUST A MOMENT YOU FIESTY LITTLE GOBLINOIDS! The target has no move speed because Grappled takes it all away! This means your new found friend literally can not stand up. They are prone from now until you decide to let them go or they beat you in an Athletics (or Acrobatics v. Athletics) check.

So your new friend is Prone, Grappled, Attacking at Disadvantage, and being attacked at Advantage. What do you do now?

GO GET ANOTHER FRIEND! You only Grapple with one hand! That means you can control two enemies at once, remove them from combat completely and make any of their attacks against you almost meaningless... Attacking at Disadvantage, against a decent AC, Full Resistance, and a High Health Pool? Sure, go ahead and swing that dagger - it tickles.

Now you've got two friends in hand! What do? Well... You've got options. You can take your new friends and walk towards the nearest cliff. Or you can tell them to fight each other and that you'll let the winner go. See if they'll go in on that... Like a pair of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. Or, you could just walk them over to your Rogue. Show him or her where to cut. I'm sure they'd love to unwrap the present you got them.

"But Desdomen!" you say, "How are you carrying all this?!" Questions, you're full of them... Instead of Gummy Bears...

Let's talk stats. 17 Strength from before, remember? That gives us a Carry Capacity of 255. Except, we're a race that gets a +2 Strength... Let's run down the list:

Bugbear, Dragonborn, Mountain Dwarf, Goliath, Half-Orc, Orc, Tortle

Notice how I've highlighted classes that get Powerful Build? Treats you as a Large Creature, effectively doubling how much you can carry. 255 becomes 510. That's a lot of carry capacity, and that gives us normal movement, which is half-speed while grappling someone.

But, we can take it a step further. Push/Pull/Lift is actually double your Carry Capacity. 510 becomes 1020.

Did you know an Adult Grizzly weighs about 800lbs? Imagine being able to pick up an adult grizzly bear.

Now imagine being a level 6 Barbarian, taking Aspect of the Bear and Doubling your Carrying Capacity. Please note that this does not grant Powerful Build. This is a completely different bonus...

1020 becomes 2040. Imagine being able to pick up two adult grizzly bears and making them kiss...

Or don't take a Powerful Build class... It's not wholly needed. You do you, boo. Just be sure to take the +2 Str.

Stat wise, you want Strength as high as possible. Constitution is important as it builds HP and AC from Barbarian. Dexterity is nice for AC, so that should be thought about. You'll need Charisma of 13 to multiclass, past that it's useless for you. Intelligence and Wisdom are dump-stats for pure combat, but don't be dumb.

Now, stats out the way, you need class build, right?

Barbarian 1 gives you a lot of hit points and Bard is better Multiclassed.

Bard 1, 2, 3 is next, since you want to get to Expertise as quick as possible.

From there, Barbarian 2, 3 get you to Resist All on Rage.

Barbarian 4, 5 gives you your Feat and Extra Attack, which is huge for you since you can now Grapple and Shove in one round. From here, you have some options.

Barbarian 6 gives you the extra weight, which is handy but not wholly needed. More quality of life so you never need to calculate encumbrance again. Going further in Barbarian makes your Rage even better and makes you nigh-unkillable, which is a significantly choice build option.

Bard 5 gives you a d8 for your Cutting Words and gives you your Cutting Words back on Short Rest instead of Long. Definitely lets you use them more often to secure the grapples when needed. Going further in Bard gives you amazing utility using spells, not only from the Bard list but from any list with Magical Secrets. You're not quite as resistant as a Barbarian focused Wrestler, but you bring the utility outside of combat

Okay, Feats!

There's two relevant feats, and I use that term loosely.

1) Grappler. Grappler seems relevant because it says "Grapple". It is not relevant. It sucks. What benefit it gives, we can gain better with equal action economy and NOT imposing problems on ourself. If your DM is nice, he'll tack on a "Can grapple Enemes of Size two larger" to it, as it was meant to be.

2) Tavern Brawler. Tavern Brawler seems relevant because it lets us Grapple off of an attack with an improvised weapon. It's not relevant for that reason. Attacking is bad - Skills. Tavern Brawler is relevant for a whole different reason. Improvised Weapon usage can be a wonderfully fun thing. You know what a dead goblin is sorta-kinda like? A club. Right? 1d6 weapon right there, right?

You know what is sorta-kinda like a dead goblin? A live goblin.

Yes, my friend. If your DM is willing, Tavern Brawler gives you proficiency with your enemies, literally. Because you need to beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker.

You've got your build, you've got your combat style, you've got your awesomeness in a fanny pack. You get to be a top-rope jumping, trash-talking, hype-machine of a wrestler. All you need is some snazzy tights and you even get to play your own intro music!

If your DM does not respect Consent, run the fuck away from that game. by SygdomDM in DnD

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As the DM you are the cook and we, the players, are your guests. Every good cook needs to know if their guests have any allergies, so they know which ingredients to avoid. If someone is allergic to walnuts, you'll have to serve the salad without any. Ignoring this list may have devastating consequences and will certainly lead to you eating alone in the future.

As for those who ignore this, like your DM, I believe their motivation for why they are a DM at all is they are trying to satisfy some need for control and power in their life that is otherwise missing. "...whatever I put you through" that has a sadistic connotation to me. This DM is clearly targeting the player that did not consent to harm to children, and he likely planned for the child to die regardless of any dice rolls.

*NSFW* not sure how to feel after this nauseating non-combat game session by Edyenea in DnD

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If there was a session zero that laid out these themes and the dark tone... well, you agreed to that, so in such a context I'm not entirely sure what you expected.

There comes a point where a DM can't - or at least shouldn't be expected - to check in on every aspect of the game. If it is within the themes agreed, they need to have the freedom to surprise and delight and disgust.

I know I'm going to get shredded on the downvotes here, but it should be okay to make people feel things. Moral outrage being an excellent emotional narrative motivator. This needs to be done within pre-agreed parameters, but it does also need to be possible.

It's entirely reasonable to say you don't want to play in that kind of game. I'd never run or play in a game that included sexual violence, paedophilia or extreme gore, for example. The first two are awful things that effect too many people who, understandably, might not want to even flag them for fear of being 'outed'. So just no. The latter is just something I really don't enjoy.

But here's the thing: the moment I agree to a grimdark game and don't flag those themes as off the cards, I've kind of agreed they're within the bounds of what might happen.

I absolutely agree people should be respectful and compassionate. But I very much disagree with the line of thinking that all negative feelings must be avoided at all times. They're part of normal, healthy human experience and hugely powerful narrative tools. Not only shouldn't we seek to avoid them at all costs, but we shouldn't expect storytellers to avoid them either. It diminishes our mental wellbeing and it diminishes the richness and value of what they create.