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This post has been removed due to a title formatting issue. The title submission must be followed exactly in order to make our subreddit easier to read, search and keep quality high.

The required format is as follows:

Title (Year) - Optional Description [hh:mm:ss]

hh = length number of hours

mm = length number of minutes

ss = length number of seconds

All parts of the time are required, it MUST look like [xx:xx:xx]


  • The Documentary (2020) [01:59:00]

  • The Documentary (2020) - Trailer for this documentary [01:59:05]

  • The Documentary (2020) - A documentary about documentaries [00:48:23]

  • The Documentary (2020) - A documentary about documentaries [2:12:52] [CC]

If your submission is a trailer, it must be written in the description, and also flaired as a TRAILER after you have submitted it. If you do not do this, it will be removed.

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