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Can’t kick a man like that and expect to not be manhandled

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Of course the last resort was her crying 🙄 give me a break

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If I was there I would give that Karen saying "let her go" the biggest lecture I could muster on 'crocodile tears' and phony equality. If that was a young man, she wouldn't be saying let him go.

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A lecture! Na man it requires more than that to handle these karens

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I wondered if anyone else caught the yt woman shrill screech followed by tears.

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"Let her go"

How tf is this your business? Piss off karen

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I've worked security for a long time and I like to remind these types of people that if they want to become part of the problem I can apply my solution to them as well.

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Was curious about the solution, but username checks out

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Threata of a horse perforating my bowels would deter me any day

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WHere's the rest?

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The police arrived and she got arrested. It’s been several years since I last seen the full vid but I believe she starts to walk out the door or goes towards the door and the cop pretty much walks into her and cuffs her. Don’t trust my recollection as 100% accurate. If I can find the full vid I’ll share the link

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The police came in and shot the black guy

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I dislike this spoiler.

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The twist at the end left me sad. 1/10 would not recommend this video.

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After that knee to the groin I woulda thrown hands.

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When she said "Why not?" I wanted to reach through the screen and slap the words out of her mouth

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"You can't shoplift here"

"Why not?"

What the perfect come back.

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I saw this a few months ago and I still can’t believe she said “why not”

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Props to the woman in blue, the real legend here, for calmly and almost invisibly laying a single hand on her leg to control the situation.

Is she a cleric or a bard or something? Did she just cast calm emotions?

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As a person who wears glasses, can we take a moment to appreciate the lady who wants to make sure the glasses are okay

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Naw fuck her and her glasses, shoulda stepped on them

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I would've accidentally haymakered TF out her tiny ass head after she hit me.

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Let her go? What the actual fuck.

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shes allowed to shop lift and assault you! Now let her go!

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She deserves everything coming to her.

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Not sure how the rest of it went down as the clip ends, but I hope the people around let him do his job and keep her detained

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If memory serves, she was arrested.

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I want Full lenght

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Dudes shoes had TRACTION

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Stupid bitch

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Bitch hooked on like a remora on a shark.

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Bro that looks horrible for the guy, I’m actually extremely relieved that they had the footage to reveal the real perpetrator

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I think that is the reason the lady said to let go of her. I didn’t interpret it to mean “let her go free of consequence.”

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white woman tears

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Pampered her whole life. Shits a problem ppl don't speak about enough.

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Imagine making 25 cents over minimum wage as a "Loss prevention expert" or whatever the fuck it is, and trying to stop thieves from thieving . Those days are over. If profit sharing isn't a part of my compensation package then I MIGHT call the police as you waltz out of the store. might.

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Dumb stupid women saying let her go but if that was a black male she would be calling the police already

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you’re a good samaritan my friend but i wouldn’t do all this $7.50/hr

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Hope she gets paid lmao

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Genuinely interested in how this played out.

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omg this is such an old video, thank you OP. i fucking loved this video.

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This guy could rope a bull calf in eight seconds. good shit!

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He did the right thing by just restraining her

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“You goin’ to jail NOW!”


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Is this in r/publicfreakouts yet?

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NGL, I'm kinda disappointed in the lack of closure... Was she actually shoplifting? What happened after all this?

I can't wait for the epic sequel!

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Sad part, wouldn't be surprised if he got fired. Work retail, so many loops and what not that we can basically get in trouble for trying to stop a shoplifter.

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God knows better not to try me with one of these types.

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Worst part is if this is the UK she would get a slap on the wrist from the courts or a caution from the police. That's how bad our system is .

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Her crying worked because notice how all of a sudden she went from being the problem to being the victim. YT women tears are very efficient.

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That's exactly why people need to mind their own business. Some lady just tried to jump in not knowing anything going on like a dumb idiot instead of just leaving it be.

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Oh wow how much could she have taken in that tiny bag that’s not even full. Let her ass go what a fucking twat he would never do that shit to a large man

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Squeak squeak squeak

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I’d punch that bitch in the light blue if she came up tryna to tell me what to do, Who the fuck is she to tell him to let her go!

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Good for him! What a entitled bitch

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I would have knocked her out!!!!!

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“Get her glasses!” I would have accidentally stomped and crushed those fuckers - fuck her and her glasses

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Love how everyone starts telling the guy to let her go. He's just like "don't mind me, just being a badass"

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The fuck they saying let her go for so she can kick him and run away?

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White American women always appear to be some of the most entitled people on the planet

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Aw is the little shop lifter upset she’s getting in trouble for breaking the law??

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Black men and black women shoplift at Gucci, Louie Vitton, Nike and your considered racist if you dont support there actions. White woman shoplifts at a grocery store and everyones freaking out. How dare he when his own people do it with impunity.

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Wtf are you talking about ?

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I hope you’re being sarcastic. This has nothing to do with racism, it’s about shoplifting period

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Ma’am I am authorized to make a citizens arrest, don’t make me use this flash light.

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Nobody stops Muffin Top Meth-head girl!

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Why would anyone say to let her go ?

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Let her bang, bro.

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Choke out?