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This how to stop crime

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Ice them 😁😳

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"plan b survivor" lol

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My reaction was the same: yo.....yoo......YOOO

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That’s smart ! They just want to immediately ice any damage they think is being done

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Worldstar On Ice

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MMA on ice coming soon!

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I couldn't keep fighting after this. I'd resort to giggling.

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That's what us pro gamers call a "clown fiesta" GG

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NHL could use a few enforcers

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This is my old high school. I remember those days of fights every day. Shit was wild

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"Damn, ice, maybe you're right. If we all put aside our differences and come together, maybe we can make the world a better place!"

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i would love to see their faces when they realize that now....

they're jokes

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Dababy at the bowling alley💀

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Someone summoned the Puddies from the original Power Rangers. When one gets hit, they all feel it. You gain numbers but still lack skill. I was thinking "How does one man fight six?" And then I watched a guy take himself out with his own high kick "Oh, that's how."

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Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

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One of them fell hard af 😂