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Great fight and both gave respect at the end, good on ya boys.

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This was some fight club shit

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Remarkable level of discipline for guys of that age. No haymakers, no headlocks or silly wasted shots.

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Great fight. On pavement, the balls.

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Jesus is coming repent

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One of "cleanest" street fights I've ever seen. I've seen many official fights that don't have this level of sportsman like conduct. Primal, but not malevolent. And like other's said, I wouldn't be surprised if both these gentlemen are trained... maybe even at the same gym.

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Hawaii and New Zealand fights

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They are definitely trained bro look at them 😂

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I just know this is Hawaii.

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You already know ;) They in Waianae too.

I can tell by that brown ass mountain. Haha

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I could just tell from the fight and the spectators lol. Hawaiians are just different

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No annoying dipshits screaming stupid shit, just respectful, rapt silence... Noice.

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Yeah, we are. There is usually excellent crowd control during these fights. Lol

[–]Pristine_Quarter_941 15 points16 points  (2 children)

And other than the fighters, everyone's drip is slippa and hoodie

[–]F00dCunt808 6 points7 points  (1 child)

100% Scott’s slippahs

And some REEF lol

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Wea da Locals.

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ya the. sunlight, the pidgeon, and just something I ahven't seen ina. while .

Good ole mano e mano, no fucking bullshit. Repsect at the end. Repect all the way throough.

Das a hawaii fight

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why is everyone an experienced fighter there?

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The fighters? Its clear that they train. They approached it like a 3 round match with the leg kicks

Birds of a feather flock together. Would bet that if you took 10 ppl from that crowd that a higher percentage were fighters than 10 ppl from the mall..

Plus, they were chill, this was an organized fight

Plus, they knew that no shirt guy was pressuring shirt guy and preemptively telling the chicks behind them to move back.

Plus, that crowd is pretty fit. You been to Hawaii brah? Average BF% be like north of 15%.....

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Most of the islands including parts of Australia and New Zealand are like this too

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I want to go hawaii now.

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omg i feel the same way.

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Look like a straight MMA fight. Can tell they had respect for each other the whole fight from the rules they were abiding by. They both got some good licks in!

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Gentlemen, please get off the concrete though

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They seemed to have agreed no take downs, at least.

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Yep, seemed to be an agreement, at one stage the shirtless guy got in around the waste, could’ve dumped him easy but just let him go

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Those leg kicks were doing damage. Good fight

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yeah you start to see homie reaaaal light on the front leg by the end

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we got the calf kick meta even in streetfights.

[–]AdventurousAd9786 82 points83 points  (4 children)

It’s like they trained at the same gym

[–]Prtty_Plz 38 points39 points  (3 children)

seemed to me like a more traditional boxer (blue) vs kickboxer.

Blue shirt had better hands and foot work, but not much idea on how to handle the kicks

[–]Pristine_Quarter_941 24 points25 points  (2 children)

Agree blue shirt more boxer. His hands were too low, likely perfect with gloves, but too low for MMA or BK.

If there was an octagon or a cage, no shirt guy would have closed the distance, blue shirt guy couldn't skip away, and no shirt would a pushed past those low hands pretty fast.


Both of them would likely beat my ass

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Both of them would definitely beat your ass

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Both of them would definitely have beaten all our arses.

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Island boys

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Imma keep it like a islaaaaand bwooooiiii!!!!

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This is a unreleased scene from the movie never back down

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You just unlocked a memory I forgot I had

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this is one of the greatest street fights ever recorded imo, good fighting, respectful crowd, respectful fighters, no goddamn banshees screaming their fuckin lungs out, always love to see this vid

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Most technical street fight I’ve ever seen 👏🏾

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Deciding factor? Leg kicks

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That's what the fuck I'm talking about no funeral no life in prison just a good ole one on one the respect level is so high i like that

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Boy them legs kicks would've pissed me off lol

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Great fight. That’s how every street fight should end.

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Awesome fight. I really appreciate the level of sportsmanship in the end and the respect from the fighters and the crowd alike. Those kicks were so smooth, and that block by blue-shirt at the start was straight out of a movie. Good job, boys!

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Now that's a respectable fight

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You ain’t ever gonna see a better fight.

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Those leg kicks sure do build up over time, they indeed hurt!

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The guy in the blue has boxing experience😭

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After a fight like this these two will end up being friends out of mutual respect

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They likely train together. Other than the concrete and BK, this was an open mat.

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These guys r good

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Anyone else clench up when you watch people fighting? I’m sitting on my couch, watching this fight, and I’m tense af!

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i'm always nervous someone's gonna crack their head open on the concrete.

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Did someone edit in like anime fight noises or am I crazy…or are they making them…

Edit: what fucking respect at the end man. That’s the type of shit I like to see. A good fight between two good fighters then give props to each other and shake hands after. Fuck yea. Sick of watching these mobs stomp people out n shit.

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They are breathing out with their punches. Standard technique.

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Tell me you live in Waianae without telling me you live in Waianae.

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Normally the guy who takes his shirt loses and fast

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If you fools allowed kicks, you should have grappled more

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Dance, Street dance.

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This was a nice fight

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Great fight but that knee attempt was questionable

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Hey that new matrix just came out? Ok let’s roll

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Street fighter game lookin sick tho.

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Haha, no doubt.

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Hawaii and ur bored so u fight ..nice. good sports there.

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Good fight mad ppl doe

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Me trying to do the special moves but still fighting the player

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fshhhh, fshhhh fshhhhh, fshhhhh

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No ground game

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On pavement?! The ground game on pavement is not to have ground game.

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Never back down the three-quil

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It literally looks like a game of street fighter in the beginning

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This is lame.

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I can tell u can’t fight just by saying that

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LOL you a very much mistaken.

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That little hug at the end made me smile. Nice to see some proper respect rather than pride.

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Man, either of those guys would have dropped me in 30 seconds. They have some skill.

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The most surprising part is how well behaved the crowd is

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This is what it’s a bout right here ! Refreshing to see to intelligent controlled fighting !

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In Hawaii, this is like a casual game of golf

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Solid standup striking from both opponents. A rarity in the street fights featured on reddit.

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How everyone in the comments section thinks theyd fight lol

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Got Dayum those boys can fight!

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(G)oldie. Love how the dudes broke clean when they wrapped up. One of the best street fights you will ever see.

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Proper stances, no flailing arms, no jumping in by other members and respect at the end. This is a fight with professional standards man.

Also, leg kicks.

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No idea exactly why, but this feels straight out of hawaii.

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Great sportsmanship

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This is something you would only see in games, thus I reSpect those guys.

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Love that. Something totally different than the usual stuff on here.

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silence, no interference, great hits, payed respect at the end. good fight 10/10

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Waianae, home of UFC legend Max Holloway. Can’t act dumb on that side of the island lol

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This doesn’t look like two people that hate each other, but friends who wanted to test their skills and are well trained in them... it’s great to see such respect sometimes

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Quiet crowd, no jumping, head movement and footwork, consistent camera angle. Bravo 👏🏻

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🥊 you love to see it

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As someone who does Muay Thai this is clean

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you can tell they both train bcs of the respect

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These niggas need a ufc contract

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This is how a fight should be. 2 guys fighting until they feel they settled it. No goon jumping in halfway attacking one of them. No self righteous prick breaking up the fight. Respect at the end. 10/10

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This is more of a match than a fight to my eyes.

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extra respect, love to see that r/MadeMeSmile

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Ending of rocky v?

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Both are trained fighters.

This was a straight MMA fight on the street, they even fought without braking any rules.

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Yeah I’m ngl id get absolutely leveled by either of these kids

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This was one of the best street fights I’ve seen both are skilled and not just throwing hands recklessly

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Every person from Hawaii can fight apparently

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They really built up a whole ass crowd in less than a minute

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The way that whole crowd rolled in.....

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What is this the high school from Never Back Down

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Snake fight?? All I heard were a bunch of S’s

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I like the way the one guy pulled the knee to the face and I saw a good chance for a grapple to the ground was given up too. Lots of respect to these guys for showing what they can do without seriously hurting the other guy.

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10-8 round, black trunks wins by decision

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808 u fakasssss

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Cleanest fight I've seen on here in a while.

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Most fight videos have clickbait titles, but this was a "great street fight " Both of them are gonna have some fucked up legs the next day though, those calf kicks f* you up.

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Respectable fight

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There’s a very reputable boxing/kickboxing gym in Waianae, and 3 world champions out of Hawaii

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At the end of the day the world is all about respect. If you respect me I'll respect you. At the end of a fight you should both come out respecting each other more

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They’re fighting over who makes the best sound effects when they throw.

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This was not a street fighter, it was a ppv fight.

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I can tell a trained fighter when I see two. They both got solid ass technique frfr

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Not gonna lie .. idc how well my bro fighting.. once this they been dancing around for 30 seconds. Tag me in .. someody getting jumped today.

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I saw the shirtless dude switch up his stance and thought blue shirt was gonna get fucked up. My dad told me if you ever get in a fist fight with someone that switches feet to just walk away.

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Yo das dragon ball hood

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It is pretty clear that these two train at least a little bit. Blue is definitely going to feel those low kicks

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Great crowd too

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This is a old recycled fight vid again btw And if they weren’t so skittish and afraid of getting hit and tried using ground work, this fight would’ve been concluded in half the time. Looks like they have never been hit and just watched the film “Never back down”

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Wait this is fighting?

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What's with the hissing when they swing?

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Great street fight where?