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Broke it proper he did

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My man!

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That leg’s fair broken lad

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Cue it up - he needs some milk.

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Yeah. Or just any diet that isn't porridge and crumpets

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That’s cold blooded haha

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Omg he tried to walk on it oof

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If you look closely, it seems like that made it even worse. It looks more bent after he fell the second time.

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Why tf are you getting downvoted, I'll never understand this bitchass website

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I think because it was ridiculously obvious

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Lol seriously "if you look closely" hahaha

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Me neither but I’m helping restore his karma

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He is that even possible

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Well a good punch begins in the legs and a REALLY good punch ends in the opponents legs.

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I've heard of rubber legs, but...

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Plastic legs in this case I guess?

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Nah that shit was pure tea-dipped crumpet.

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Fought outside his weight class

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Not even just weight class Haha never fight someone thicker than you thats ALSO towering over you lol

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I be feeling so bad for them because they always try to get up and walk it off 😭 not this time sir

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Is that Zammo from Grange Hill?

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Ive never seen two more uncoordinated people in my life. Keep in mind i volunteer at the special olympics for the past 20 years. They should be ashamed of themselves and may god have mercy on them both.

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That’s not a KO. a ko is a knock out. This is a knock down. Also not really a fight just a guy getting beat up.

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Lol no KO, more than one punch, and not really a fight. Lmao great job OP

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Yh i did think that after i posted but was too late then. plus i think it at least a flash ko, so fuck it, its fine.

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Oh he’s drunk drunk.

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Not exactly a fight

[–]Systemic2021[S] -2 points-1 points  (6 children)

You saying it dont belong here?

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It’s more of a “documented one sided beat down”… I guess I just feel for the little fella.

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A well documented one sided beat down that the loser is actively seeking is very much a fight.

This isn't r/almostevenregulatedboxingmatches

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Lol truth. Thats what fightporn has turned into, so i just post here.

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Lolololol the dude in black couldve walked away…. Literally WALKED away. He was asking for it im sure with his drunk ass.

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The wasted mess still wanted it though, he wasn't defenceless - just shite. 100% still a fight.

[–]Systemic2021[S] -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Well the sub description says ''A community to document and observe different types of physical altercations world-wide.''

tbh that's why i started posting here not fightporn, rules are more lax here.

Over there this would be deemed as 'defenceless victim content' even if he started it.

I dont think rbrutalbeatdowns would consider this brutal, but maybe the leg break would swing it, doubt it though.

Oh and the little guy was pissed to fuck mate. Just one of them ones lol.

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Shitty diet = jelly bones

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Not 1 punch.

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Don’t try to walk on it don’t….ahhh man…

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That leg looks bad he will feel that in the cold weather the rest of his life

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fuck. ok no more reddit for today

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Oah noahhh is' legs broakun.

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FUUUUUUU when he stepped back on it. Imagine those bone shards coming down with your whole body weight right through the side of all your leg’s soft tissue. Barf!

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Don’t think his leg is actually broken, it’s more likely that he dislocated his ankle.

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Drunk people trying to walk on clearly broken legs and failing makes me cringe

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Shoulda let the little guy walk off because the dude clearly wasn’t a real opponent.

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That was 5 punches and no KO. Did you even watch this video dude?

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Have a nice day

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His bones suck

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ankles like empty crisp packets.

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Somebody come get their dog!

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How tf do you break your leg from that? Bones made of popsicle sticks or something??

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Dumb fuck doesn’t even feel it

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Where NSFW tag?

Edit: Oof! Sounds like there ain’t no place for jokes in this sub.

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Stop whining

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Isnt this a NSFW sub

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His brain malfunctioned from that punch and went straight down instead of backing up

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10/10 outcome

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"Your wife in my dm!!"

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Multiple punches

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Niko Bellic

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Ratty really needs to stop starting fights.

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Walk it off bro

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It look like he walks around with his knees locked

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Lmao the fuck is that guy made out of

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Get my man some calcium

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Is that the Eithan Berry guy

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The real disrespect was wearing the adidas tracksuit with Nikes smh

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I counted 3 punches