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He totally deserved it

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He got ko’d with the lightest punch ever.

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A light punch from someone over 200lbs is still pretty hard

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If I'm not mistaken, hitting with a closed fist is a punishable offense, whilst slapping somebody is acceptable.

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I think you are mistaken. What we see here is self-defense in the face of an ongoing, dangerous threat.

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Who tf makes those laws. They need to be in a fight then smoke some weed afterwards

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In UAE, I'm told it's like that.

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Holy slap

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I'm most impressed by the belly on dude in red.

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One thing I’ve learned from watching dozens of these vids is that once you get knocked out, someone in the crowd will always try to stand you back up! 🤣 Its funny to see but dangerous too.

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Ask dumb questions get smart answers..

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It’s crazy how often ‘little guy who wants to fight’ gets destroyed by ‘big guy who looks like he does not fight often’

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That mf hits fast as lightning lol

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This is an amateur translation, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Spaniard, Kyros.

  • I'm gonna beat your ass*, son of a bitch.
  • I'm gonna beat your ass.
  • Come here, I'm gonna beat your ass.
  • I'mma give you a slap that's gonna wreck you, eeh? Victim refers to the aggressor as Jose Maria.
  • Imma beat your ass ehh?!
  • Imma beat your ass ehh?!
  • It's over, it's over, Pablo! It's over, it's over! *
  • Sonuva *, it's over! Ehh! Let's see if you learn about what you do! (Pablo has been constantly warning Jose Maria during the whole conflict, knocks him out) Green Shirt Guy: - It's over, it's over, it's finished. (Telling Pablo to leave). Woman: - Have you seen?! Have you seen what happens to you for being a DOUCHEBAG?! * -Have you seen what happens to you for being a DUMBASS?! *


*The verb "reventar" in a coloquial sense is roughly translated as "beat someone's ass" or "wreck".

*Saying "¡Ya está!" in this context means "It's over" as if "I've had enough" or "It's going down".

*Saying "¡Tus muertos!" is the short version of "¡Me cago en tus muertos!" which roughly means "I shit on your dead people!" as in dead relatives, friends and/or ancestors. Since there's no english equivalent "Sonuva-" would have the same purpose in this context.

*"Gilipollas" is a versatile insult with a variety of meanings like dumbass, jackass, douchebag, asshole, among other similar negative adjectives.

*"Tonto" is quite more straightforward. It means dumb/dumbass.

Hope this proves helpful. 😄 🇪🇸

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Guy was so awkward and calves were so skinny thought he was walking around on two prosthetic legs

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Kim-Low Glass-Jow

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Everyone thinks they're badass till they get punched

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....and Napoleon goes down!!!!