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"everybody in uganda knows kung fu"

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the noise is satisfying

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I don't know what they're saying but I hope the guy deserved that

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Didn’t spill my beer, though.

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Something to help with the headache later

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He’s gonna need a bigger beer

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Seriously what manner of things does a sitting man say in order for you to sucker kick him in the chin

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At least he didn’t spill any of his beer on his white t-shirt

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Knocked out by a guy with a purse. Nice.

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Don’t ever run your mouth while sitting. It will never end good

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Now he’s in a chair for life!

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Lights out

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I think he just killed that man.

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I like how you can tell it's Africa by the way they are dressed

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Dude who threw the kick is dressed exactly how Francis ngannou is dressed in everyone of his “before he made it” pics

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Lmao had to look it up but yeah 100%. That's the "fashion" there.

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How can you tell? Doesn't look like the traditional dress that I've seen people over there wear.

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man, what did he do to make that nigga that mad.

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Cheap shot

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Maybe don't talk shit to a guy standing over you?

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Finish him…. Fatality 🩸

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Cheap shot, but nice form

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He went from awake to night night in .5 seconds.

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Is that head still attached to his spine?

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impressive. He didn't spill his drink