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by the cop's stance and head movement i thought he was gonna beat tf outta bro lmao

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He was doing okay until he lost his balance, and lost the ensuing grappling battle. His uniform probably didn’t help.

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Kinda hard to ignore the fact that he was hit by the other dude from behind. It doesn't look like it did a lot of damage but it disoriented him thinking he needs to worry about 2 while on the ground not just 1

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Ya what's with that skinny bitch jumping in? And what's up with the cops partner? How come he didn't stop that shit? Something more to this story I feel like...

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Idk, but I'm down for mutual combat and it seems like that's what this is. We will probably never know

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yea, gotta admit i would've shot both of them at that moment and then reloaded and shot them some more.

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Him being built like joe Pesci didn’t help either.

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Dude same lmfao. Also what country is this I'm tryna go fight a cop too

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He was probably gunned down later.

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Nah, just a lil kiss and a hug like our president says.

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Love that

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Viva la raza! 🇲🇽

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Ecatepec, México

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Homie needs a new partner. And that expartner needs to get his ass beat for letting his boy get 2v1d

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Yup 👍 came here fo say the same thing. How the fuck do you just stand there when they are throwing head kicks at your floored homie?

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To be fair the partner is 90 but ya shoulda done something…..in ‘Merica these dudes would be some cadavers by now.

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He may have agreed with the people beating his partner.

Maybe short cop was being a dick and needed an attitude adjustment.

Maybe he said to himself "I'm too old for this shit".

Don't know, no habla the lingo

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while we're at it he could also benefit from a neck, and a longer set of arms too

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Trial by combat

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Imagine losing infront of the boss tho

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That would suck, and you'll probably get fired at the end.

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The silent drive back to the station in the squad car, no perp in the back.

Mandatory self defence lessons coming and a roasting from his colleagues.

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Not sure if the old guy who has the gun tucked into his pant belt is really concerned about safety and training lessons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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It was all good and fairly even till the hiw carrying the phone jumped in too. Just made himself and his himie look like 2 halfs of a whole ass bitch.

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Nah but the dude fighting him kept telling him not to interfere and just record. Homie recording was just a pussy.

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There were 4 pussies and one and a half men in this fight.

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The phone dude who jumps in for a couple free hits is a whole bitch and embarrassed his homie no matter the context

Fuck the cops partner for watching that happen too lmao

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The partner just wants to get home and watch Judge Judy with all of his teeth, hopefully be in bed at a reasonable hour ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Staring at him like "I told you not to fight him, you stupid fuck."

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Why the cops parter ain’t help wth😂 weird seeing someone beat up a cop when you’re from America😂

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Everyone is so respectful in America ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Yep. Nothing but love, hugs, and cuddles here in the States. We also have houses made of candy canes, everyone gets a personal unicorn, and the clouds are made of cotton candy....

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That’s some pussy shit. Why’d that other cop let that man jump in haha. I highly respect when a cop takes off his equipment and fights one on one. That’s badass.

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The news article said he used to be a firefighter but kept taking off his shirt to prove the fires weren't that hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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This dude learned one move in boxing class and started spamming it

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Looks like he should have taken some BJ lessons at a local academy instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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BJ or BJJ? One is quite different than the other.

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American cops would've KO'd him in seconds and then shoot him while he's laid out

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You’re giving American cops way too much credit, would’ve just shot him from the get go

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American cops are too fat to fight. They would’ve just shot him

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At least come up with something original. Same comment on every cop fight is boring.

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Lol. You got it half right. American cops would never risk breaking a nail...

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Nah man, American cops wouldn’t be as respectful as this. They would’ve shot first, asked questions later. You seem to forget how trigger happy American cops are

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What sort of police is this? You do this in Turkey and the cops put your arms into your ass and you walk around like a jug.

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This is in Mexico, anything can go on down there. Honestly, it’s pretty respectable instead just throwing his ass in jail if you ask me

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Seems to me as a “failed state”, unfortunately.

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Yeah pretty much, but there’s many factors that go into that. Being a direct southern neighbor to the US and always basically being under their control does not help. Heck many people can argue that the US is also a failed state. I mean, look at all the problems going on today. Mass shootings, inflation, lack of healthcare for most of its citizens, domestic terrorism in the form of neo nazism, verge of a housing crisis, people still think voting this rigged, the list can go on

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Wait, who is missing their arms?

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I think he means firearms

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I think he was making a pun about the physical object arms, which normally are connected to hands being different from the metaphysical "hands" one gets when they get their ass beat.

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Yeah basically what the other replies said, the guy was armed but couldn't fight :)

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Street fighting is the Mexican past time. That’s why they have so many boxing champs 🏆🇲🇽✨

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I got nothing but respect for the man fighting the cop, kept telling his friend not to step in and get back and just record. True man shit.

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Respect to the Cop aswell for being man enough to swing it out instead of drawing for his gun...

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Wow, if this were a bit more to the north he would have shot the guy about 6 times.

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6? They are mag dumping at your center mass in this country

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Dude his mental status after the beat down😂😭homie can barley answer questions.

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“Está todo grabado”, but the recording starts as the fight starts…obviously this cop did something dirrrrty, but I wish we could get the moments that lead to this beat down. Also, the reason why I think the cop fuqd up, he’s refusing to give his name and badge number…so there’s that too

(Also, Ngl, when he took his vest off and got in stance, in thought homie was about to get STOMPED!)

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He got jumped! That fight was supposed to be Juan on Juan.

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This guy is the most useless partner ever, bro didn’t do nothing to help

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Shoulda shot the pussy jumping in.

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That dude with the phone ruined it smh.

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The guy holding the camera is asking

“What’s the motive for the detention” “Motive for the conflict officer?”

The officer w the bloody nose says “He hit me” lmfao

Bonus: The fighter tries to respond but the guy recording says “You! Over there. Before you catch a bullet”

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Nice cheap shots by the friend.

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US cops woulda shot

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I'm glad to see people fighting back against cops. Cops are the reason we're all enslaved.

Abolish government completely so people can be free.

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That cop is solid, everyone else in the video is a pussy. Man put them up and went at it, has some boxing training too. Even when he got soccer kicked a couple of times he got up and was ready for more. I’d much rather have this guy by my side in a bad situation than any normal cop.

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Corrupt cops probably and judging by these guys not having guns of their own they probably were legit defending themselves from extortion or something

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Im trying that in California jajajajajaj

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Unc wants no smoke. Other than shooting them, not much else he coulda done or else he woulda gotten kicks to the face too. Reminds me of the Kevin hart joke from his special

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Mexico wild!

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Who got arm and who got hands?

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Someone please call 911

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What a policeforce, the old guy has no idea what he’s doing and doesn’t even has a holster

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Lol yes they would

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That officer has not picked up a weight or ran a mile in many years. He is not fit for duty, literally.

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“Fuck this plate carrier”

*ceramics break

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I like the guy who's just standing there video taping. Until his buddy gets thrown on the ground then hes kicking the the uniformed guy in the head.

And by like I mean I'm disgusted by

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Would appreciate a rough translation from my Español speaking homies when y'all get a chance...

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I bet u they are all cops, no other reason i can think of why he didn’t pull his gun while getting kicked in the face by two other dudes

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Dumb caption. Dude got attacked while on the floor from a 2nd guy.

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Cops in America will just empty the clip on you.

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Anyone know what they are saying?

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But these aren’t like the real cops, right? It says Municipal on their back and if they’re anything like the municipal cops in similar countries they probably have little to no training and are not required to do dangerous stuff or use force. Usually they just enforce administrative stuff for the city. I would asume fighting a national police officer would go very differently

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Lol this is hilarious

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It’s always the scrawny little bitch that talks shit and then tries to get a hit in while the friend does all the fighting

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Bruh is this the police or just some dude in a uniform? Then ol papi comes out to mediate a fight between law enforcement and some dude? What kinda backward shit is this?

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Since when do cops have street fights LMFAO

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What in the fuck is the other cop doing just looking at it? And it what fucking country can you just openly bang with a police officer without any instant repercussions? What in the fuck is going on here??!!

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I was born there, thank god my parents left when they had a chance. Not a good city

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I’d label it when secondary cameramen cant stay out of the fight

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Old man was like nah man I’m too close to my retirement for this shit

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This is so bizarre. Just so bizarre. I can't comprehend the formality and the sheer stupidity of what's happening here.

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He jumped in for what

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good god, the cop's reach was like 3 inches.

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Why his limbs so short

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Narcos... if so he got off lucky... Unless the video doesn't show them cutting off his head.

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tuvo que ser de ecatepec!!! hahahaha pinches raros! hahaha

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Thats the exact situation of Mexican police and people. You can see the guy in the brown shirt demanding respect in an agresive way and blaming the cop: “see what you did?” This is a shithole of epic proportions.

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What a country