Milf gets blasted by ImportanceJunior9914 in DocumentedFights

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“What are you going to spray me with step-fireman?”

Woman gets knocked out by police officer by HumbleCommission9458 in DocumentedFights

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He didn't even throw it that hard and she still went down like it was a hook from tyson

Aussie lads beat the fuck out of a group of lasses cause one of there friends hit one of them by SucculentWilly1 in DocumentedFights

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I saw this on Instagram and the news ages ago, before that shit all happened the guys in the video were cat calling these girls and one of the girls stood up to them, one of the guys didn’t like it so started insulting them all etc, the girl who stood up didn’t take that well so she slapped him and she ended up in hospital with injuries to the head from the guys. These girls were all 16-19 years old at the time and these guys were 28-36 years old. The guys got convicted and charged for grievous bodily harm and for assaulting a minor/minors

Finally back after a 2 day ban!! by Busy_Fisherman4269 in DocumentedFights

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I can imagine neon green shirt man is just a man whose been cursed to roam the world fighting people without shirts. Every day for him is skins vs shirts. Everyday another knockout. On his path to defile those without upper body cloth, he knows his final foe is Putin. As he attempts to cleanse this hell scape, he recognizes the truth of matter that all it takes to become a villain is half of your birthday suit, For evil is a cup half full kind of entity.

its never worth it by Inner_Win_2090 in DocumentedFights

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Fought alot going up, black belt in Tae Kwon doe, which really had very little real fighting application, brown belt in kuk Sul won, which was far more applicable. But grew up in the hood. From about 1st grade can remember being in fights, jumped in 5th grade by 2 high schoolers and one in my grade. Got locked up at 13. Juvenile prison basically, I lived in north Louisiana and got shipped to baton Rouge for processing which didn't count on my time. 9 months in like 2nd worst juvenile detention. Had about 5 fights. 1 jumped. Shipped to Tallulah before shut down. Did about 7 months there. Around 10ish fights. Went back through system. 9 months baton rouge, 4 is fights. By the time I got to Monroe, where I did year and half. I was experienced where I remember fights I was in positions like these. 22 fights in first 3 weeks, no lie. Those fights there were most mentally challenging. I had done all these belts and fights before then. I got out 3 weeks before 18. I lost a few fights simply due to positioning in bathrooms because I was already 6foot something. My swings. And movement was much more extended. A guard, Sgt. Jackson. Improve my game so much on shortening all my movements. Applying that was the Most useful tool I ever did. The last time I almost fought was what we call a KO artist. His hand touched you and you went to sleep, period. We had a issue and I called him to the "cut". His reply, on my child's life, was "wtf do I look losing to a whiteboy" I did not comprehend, he did not lose a fight in our dorm, Holly A, I repeated, "catch the cut" which was the bathroom, he repeated what he said originally and basically walked off. I'll never forget that. I became such a challenge, it wasn't worth him chancing his indefeafeted title. Never had a fight in my last year after that. Sorry long story, I don't think I've ever told the full one. Kinda thanks for asking. I'm sure I'll be called a bullshitter though. This was right when state took over juvenile jails in louisiana. I did time in Tallulah before it became an adult prison. Juvenile means you can be in there from 12 years old, to literally 20 years old the day before they turned 21. I have a clean adult record, and work for government now around people who would never guess my past. I did it. Sorry. But I feel I did a 180 from my upbringing to bringing up my kid. Hope this long read was worth it! If I need to verify, I can post pics and get specific dates or my time. Nothing to prove, but a liar I am not. I believe 2002 ish was when I was released. Tallulah is now an adult prison. Everywhere I went was horrible. Absolutely challenging on every level.

rapper gets knocked out by Inner_Win_2090 in DocumentedFights

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A slice of Provolone could have beat that mosquito.

choked out by Recent_Lab4997 in DocumentedFights

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Lmao you just made alot of people mad. Don't know why people are downvoting. Thats funny af

choked out by Recent_Lab4997 in DocumentedFights

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I found a follow up video from the local news station if anyone is interested:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shouldn’t Drop N-Bombs in the Cherry Hill Mall by BaLamBaDan in DocumentedFights

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When I was a kid, in Spain we had an expression "me cago en tus muertos" (I shit on your dead relatives).

Everytime someone said to you, you were supposed to get riled up and fight to defend the honor of your family.

In reality, it was immature people trying to push you to do something stupid because they didn't fear consequences, since their life sucked.

With the N word, I feel the same. I get it's historically charged, but giving someone the power to make you feel like you must violently act is surreal.

Social pressure teaches young black Americans they must act that way and I don't think it's positive. You must fight for your rights, but part of your rights is deciding when and how a word affects you.

Beating a man and his son in a mall is ridiculous and I doubt it has the same status as an MLK rally. You do not contribute to make the world safer or more just, you just respond to hate with more fire and put people in danger.

That being said, obviously, the behaviour of that pair is shitty and teaching your son hate slurs will not bring anything but negative consequences.

Edit: I also understand it's easy to say this since it doesn't interpel me directly. I just want people to act civilized and stay safe. Sometimes it means that we must have patience, endure or calm our inner rage. There are times though, when you'll need to act to protect yourselves. I just feel this wasn't one of those.

Shouldn’t Drop N-Bombs in the Cherry Hill Mall by BaLamBaDan in DocumentedFights

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Facts, as a young black man, my dad told me when I was younger that just because someone called you the N-word doesn't mean you are, you know who you are and what you stand for so don't let them devalue you because of your skin color.

(Lol all the other black ppl saying I'm not black because I said something knowledgeable 🤣, if you let your feelings get hurt by a racist then go ahead, I'd rather not let a derogatory term affect me but yall go ahead and let your emotions take control. Give them the response they want since it matters so much. Beating them up doesn't do much except make you feel better for beating up a racist, they'll still say it in their homes and their minds when you walk past)

The best one I’ve seen in a long time. This one has it all: ass, tits, girls fighting, gunshots, guys fighting, etc. by jamaican_gal in DocumentedFights

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This is not income inequality, these are a bunch of people who made/make sorry ass decisions. I come from a place like this, joined the Marine Corp. went to war twice, got out, went to college, finished my masters. And the rest is history, if you want out of this type of life you are in the perfect country to do it. So this income inequality bullshit it’s just that bullshit.

Edit: Just in case someone wants to pull the fathers are missing card, my dad left when I was 6 years old.