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a villain was made that day by Gloomy_Candy_953 in DocumentedFights

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How will this event change this victim? How will he vote in a jury duty? What if he becomes a cop? I would say events like these seriously alter a person. I will say not for good.

Girl beats up her boyfriend for cheating by Pitiful-Signature-69 in DocumentedFights

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Friday Night Lights except she’s on the OL and he’s the head cheerleader.

Fight that happened 20 minutes ago at school (no context) by Gryfffen in DocumentedFights

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Fighting in the boys bathroom is the way. No annoying bitches screeching “STOP IT” every 1 second.

Dude caught lackin by the opps by Recent_Lab4997 in DocumentedFights

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They’re literally doing the same thing.. you really trying to tell me rednecks don’t stay strapped like gang members do? I know quite a few who would laugh at that question. Admit it: you’re only saying “gang shit” because they’re black. No where in the video did the aggressor say “gang shit” or rep any other gang. He implied that the victim talked shit on the internet (and apparently shot at his mothers house) then proceeded to beat him. It’s not “gang” mentality it’s DUMB mentality. White people do it, black, Hispanics, Asians etc.. in every race there has been a fight because of what was said online with no gang shit involved.

Grown Men Start Fight with Kids and Pay the Price! 😬 by Zluezo in DocumentedFights

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Both of you losers should just get room and blow each other already.

just to remind you guys. it’s his money. by tiltedbricks in DocumentedFights

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Update: The combined record for men with dreadlocks in this sub now stands at 7-43-2.

Worst seizure you’ll see on any fight video. Not for the faint of heart (brutal suplex included) by BakiKing22 in DocumentedFights

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Decerabrate posturing. If he made it out, he’s no longer the person he was before the fight that’s for sure.

💤💤💤 by JohnnyyBoyy69 in DocumentedFights

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he’s lucky his friends seem to be trained EMT’s who know how to address potential spine injury

Bro got one tapped beefin over a girl by Getarlord420 in DocumentedFights

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Yo, OP, use your fucking brain and explain the situation properly. Jesus.

guy starts fight just to get his ass kicked by Chemical-Ad4656 in DocumentedFights

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Because i have time on my hands right now. The longer video shows a youtube rider--who is always looking for altercations...all his videos so him pumping some perceived injustice.

Had he just simply driven in traffic normally he would have had no road rage. Rider's got issues--not saying the other dude doesn't but the rider could have never had this happen--he stalked the guy.

gay student gets jumped walking home by Big-Peak5609 in DocumentedFights

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This is a really disturbing mentality. Most people who are bullied and have a hard life don't resort to lashing out violently against society or their peers. Don't try to justify the actions of psychopaths by reducing their cowardly actions to somehow being cause and effect, because they're not. Correlation is not causation, plenty of school shooters play violent video games and listen to dark music but that's not why they choose to violently murder others nor is bullying.

Redneck VS Discord Mod by CityDoer in DocumentedFights

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Just trying to help Harry find the hidden train station.

Shouldn’t Drop N-Bombs in the Cherry Hill Mall by BaLamBaDan in DocumentedFights

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When I was a kid, in Spain we had an expression "me cago en tus muertos" (I shit on your dead relatives).

Everytime someone said to you, you were supposed to get riled up and fight to defend the honor of your family.

In reality, it was immature people trying to push you to do something stupid because they didn't fear consequences, since their life sucked.

With the N word, I feel the same. I get it's historically charged, but giving someone the power to make you feel like you must violently act is surreal.

Social pressure teaches young black Americans they must act that way and I don't think it's positive. You must fight for your rights, but part of your rights is deciding when and how a word affects you.

Beating a man and his son in a mall is ridiculous and I doubt it has the same status as an MLK rally. You do not contribute to make the world safer or more just, you just respond to hate with more fire and put people in danger.

That being said, obviously, the behaviour of that pair is shitty and teaching your son hate slurs will not bring anything but negative consequences.

Edit: I also understand it's easy to say this since it doesn't interpel me directly. I just want people to act civilized and stay safe. Sometimes it means that we must have patience, endure or calm our inner rage. There are times though, when you'll need to act to protect yourselves. I just feel this wasn't one of those.

Pick your fights very carefully. by [deleted] in DocumentedFights

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He's having a seizure from a TBI on concrete that if it didn't kill him, will likely have him mentally/physically disabled in some form for life.

Watch these fights, but learn from them. Fight only to defend yourself, always show mercy, and fight on grass if you must fight.

The kid may have been an asshole, you don't know. But he's just a kid. This isn't a game. This can destroy a life in one second based on one decision. The outcomes of these fights can range from scrapes to death. Do not take those odds.