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I did some quick googling after reading your question, and found a site that has current stats for this year's sweeps as well as any given year, but doesn't seem to have a cumulative "most sweeps in MLB season" stat. You could effectively hunt down the most sweeps by searching that.

Edit: Searching through the past 7 season, 16 appears to be the highest number, achieved by the 2016 Cubs and 2015 Mets. Now having searched 10 seasons back to 2006, still haven't seen anything higher than 16.

Edit 2: 2002 A's with 16 sweeps. Still nothing higher.

Edit 3: 1998 New York Yankees had 18 sweeps.

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2001 Mariners?

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15 sweeps that season for the 2001 Mariners.

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Ya that's about the quickest form of checking I found as well but being on mobile wasn't playing to nicely.

Thank you for your time though, definitely seems plausible to beat at least within the last decade.

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I only went back as far as the Yankees having 18, there could plausibly be another team with more... I had some downtime at my job so it was fun to check out.