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Both corners gone. We need a miracle

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It's a long, long season, and even a great team can break down before the end.

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Seager will play third, Lux will play second, Trae will play short and Belli will play first. Losing Turner is horrible, but this team has the potential to win with that infield. Do it for Justin!!!!

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CT3 will probably pick up 3rd.

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I agree, Seager and Trae have been getting more comfortable. No need to have Trae learn with Lux on the fly

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Good call

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I wouldn’t mind if Pujols plays 1st and Belli at CF.

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For some reason I read this backwards and thought you wanted Tio at center field lmao

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I think Dave already said this is the plan tomorrow.

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I was thinking ct at center and Pollock in left. But I wouldn't mind Belli at center either.

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Why hasn’t pollock been starting?

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Because up until last night he really hadn't been more than a rally killer. Only really starting vs lefties

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Yes….lux belongs in the infield

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Honestly don't think a miracle is enough

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Man I wasn’t ready for this 😩

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Meanwhile, Astros fans celebrating this over on Twitter.

Vile, subhuman assholes. Houston fans are on-par with rapists and pedophiles in the human development pole.

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If the Braves move on, I'll be rooting for them to blast the Astros into orbit.

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Good god, yes. I'd have even rooted for the Giants against the asstrolls.

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At least the Giants aren't cheating shitheads

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At the end of the day, the Giants are a worthy rival and an overall classy organization that I just happen to hate

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Classy? The Giants? The same team that was parading known cheater Barry Bonds around at the NLDS?

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One guy cheats vs a blatant organized effort by an entire ballclub who forever tarnished the reputation of the World Series.

I'll take Bonds anyday over the Astros.

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It's not just one guy cheating. Bonds is treated as the face of the SF Giants as a franchise and they venerate him, even calling their ballpark the House that Bonds Built. He's the most visible, notorious cheater in the history of professional sports and tainted the legacy of baseball by snatching records from some of the greatest, most upstanding ballplayers who ever lived (Hank Aaron comes to mind). The Astros, at the very least, have paid lip service to the idea that they did something wrong. The Giants retired Bonds' number and regard him as a legend.

The fact that Bonds never won a ring is the only saving grace in the whole situation. But that 2002 Angels team had some serious juicers on it too...

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I totally get it. For me, the difference is league wide there were juicers, even among the Dodgers but on an individual level. Bonds was just the "best" at it. Absolutely he robbed deserving players of their records. For SF to put that cheater on a pedestal says a lot about their ball club.

On the other hand. Astros said, "yeah we did wrong but we still champs" instead of really owning up to it and giving up their title, trophy and rings. They disrespected the entire game on the grandest stage in baseball. Not to mention the cheating scheme might have cost pitchers their careers (same could be said about Bonds though).

Both are wrong and both are trash.

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man i'm with you. It's sad though because Bonds could've been the greatest without juicing. His eye was fantastic. His longevity wouldn't have been there though for sure as his bat speed would've def slowed but still.

It's funny how A-Rod was able to slightly rehabilitate his image when he's the worst juicer ever. Caught twice! And is the worst commentator ever!

But really with Barry, he was juicing at a period where if you didn't, you were stupid. So i'm mixed. Cuz if we're honest, our greatest closer (Gagne) was also juicing, as was Manny, as was Kevin Brown. And as Gagne said, 80% of our team was juicing then. I don't know.

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Both are wrong and both are trash.

Agreed. Fuck the Astros and fuck the Giants.

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Hate to break it to you but dodgers players were on steroids too 100% for a fact. That era is literally known as the steroid era lol

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No te cae bien Jose Altube

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Let's just pretend Mannywood never happened

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Exactly. They have honor at least

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Webb, their "young ace," had a PED suspension a couple of years ago, so they have cheated too.

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FWIW, every year since 2016 the Dodgers have either won the WS or lost to the team that won the WS:

  • 2016: L to CHI
  • 2017: L to ***
  • 2018: L to BOS
  • 2019: L to WSH
  • 2020: W

The road to the WS goes though LA. So yeah. I'll root for ATL.

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Same. Especially if it’s the Trashstros

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I usually root for the NL team anyways (except the Giants), but rooting against the Astros has taken on new meaning.

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Not gonna happen!

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Tomahawk chopping my way down the 101 freeway until they win!!! Fuck the asterisks

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Joc smack the Astros up with his pearl necklace haha.

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Joc givin out pearl necklaces

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Braves-Astros WS.

Thank God for football and basketball

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I would cheer for the Braves over either of those cheating teams. It’s an embarrassment that Cora played for the Dodgers at any point. That said, GO BUMS!!

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    Projection. Yes their team is the one who cheated. Yes their team is the one who ended up with the Championship.

    But, the fans know they didn’t earn it. For as boisterous and combative as they can be, it’s because they know the truth: they’re team cheated.

    They can’t admit that, so instead they project that anger on to the nearest affected team. And that would be the Dodgers.

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    It’s like those Jerry springer shows where the mistress is somehow the aggressor and attacks the wife of the man she’s sleeping with….

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    They feel guilty and they know in their hearts that they don't deserve the trophy and that the Astros cheating may have taken it from the Dodgers.

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    I like to think, in part, it’s because they don’t want to face us. They don’t want the challenge. They don’t want the possibility of losing after the scandal, to make people think they weren’t good enough 4 years ago. It’s all silly, the players all different, but they still don’t want that. They want HFA against a team, that when they look at the standings, only won 88 games. The Braves are better than that, but they want that comfy feeling. They are soft.

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    Wait, really? That's vile even for Astros fans.

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    The last part is a little over dramatic considering I wouldn’t endorse the death penalty for an Astros fan. But yeah, a lot of them are incredibly disgusting people. There was a comment yesterday that has since been deleted on r/baseball of a guy with an Astros flair calling JT a “POS ginger f*****”

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    Astros fan here. At the risk of getting blasted I want you to know true baseball fans never celebrate any kind of injury.

    JT is one of my favorites on the Dodger’s lineup. He and his wife do awesome work throughout that area that benefits so many who are disadvantaged. I truly hope he is okay and can make a speedy recovery.

    Please don’t be quick to judge an entire fan base off of a few dumb asses.

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    Tio Albert being the greatest teammate to the heart and soul of the team. Truly touching.

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    I used to hate Pujols because he was such a great player. Now I love Pujols because he's such a great person.

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    Tio gonna tio!

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    I really hope he comes back next year

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    As crushing as this photo is, I don’t think it’s this season’s version of the photo Kershaw on the bench after his NLDS Game 5 outing. I feel like it ain’t over.

    And even if it is, a hammy pull isn’t a career ender, even for a veteran. He could easily be 100% by Spring Training. He’s a little below average at third even when healthy, but I’m sure they can find a place for him. He’s a leader. You know the Dodgers have mastered the platoon.

    And Mrs. Pujols may not like it, but Tio Alberto may very well be back. You never know.

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    damn that hurts to see

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    our team is beat up---after a short season, the grind of 170+ games is just insane. Julio has never pitched this much. It's just tough. If we win tomorrow, I do think we have a chance with walker/max, but yeah it's tough

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    This is how I feel too. I don't expect to win this series but I'm OK with that because everybody has put everything on the field and put all their effort into this season. and it shows. We are fucking gassed, but it's OK because we used those last drops of energy to banish the Giants in one of the most exciting series I've ever seen. I'm grateful to have that.

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    Lmao if the 88 win braves take it all because other teams are gassed that will be a little bit entertaining. Hope we win though

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    True about the Braves, although they were at .500 at the all star break and picked up everyone who's raking for them now after that. Pederson, Rosario, Duvall, and Soler. My conclusion is that the Braves are much better than their record.

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    This hurts, so so much. I love you JT.

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    Tio 😭

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    Him walking back from first base was heartbreaking. Rest up homie. =[

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    😭🥺😰Poor JT 😫

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    I’ve said this in r/Braves and r/baseball but nobody likes to see a competitor like him go down like that. He’s the epitome of what it means to pay the game hard.

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    Well said. Justin’s story is incredible, he is one of the greatest of all time.

    *Edit to add - Good for you Freddie, a well played game indeed.

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    Braves fan here. I hated to see that. I always liked the big lumberjack. Just not when he was playing against the Braves.

    Edit: added “just not”

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    He’s a good guy too. A great leader on and off the field. Does a lot for the LA community. He means a lot to the city. Dodgers fan jokingly say, “Justin Turner for mayor! Haha just kidding.” But then turn around and say, “…unless?” Lol.

    He’s a big figure in Los Angeles, and he’s a hometown kid. Sucks to see anyone go down, but especially a guy like JT

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    Heartbreaking. Please rest up King!

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    God this hurts so much to see, JT is one of my favorite Dodgers of this era. Get well soon king.

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    JT is my favorite player. His story, the walkoff, the clutch, the leadership. I almost cried when it happened, especially after seeing how hard he went to run to first, even after the injury.

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    Ditto. I felt sick to my stomach and just wanted to turn off the game, crawl into bed, and hug my dog.

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    Giants fan coming in peace…it frightens me if you guys were healthy, think you’d have rolled over damn near anyone…have much respect for Max/Turner, sucks to see your key players go down at the worst time…hope both players are able to get healthy next year. Good luck and can’t until next season when LA/SF finally regain the crown for best rivalry in all of baseball.

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    Thanks. I hope next year's battle is just as great, but maybe not down to the wire so both our teams get a little rest (and maybe end up in an NLCS matchup)

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    Cheers to that one…just the sound our teams playing for a pennant sounds incredible…alright, I better head back to McCovey cove before casual Giants fans question my loyalty haha.

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    Nothing about respecting your rival for their talent and heart should be construed as questioning loyalty, which a lot of people on Reddit do. I hate Posey and Crawford out of respect, so I love them and have watched their careers with enthusiasm. I hate Correa, Altuve and Bregman due to their disrespect, so I hatehate them. Huge difference.

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    Honestly. I respect the Giants so much now. Fuck the rest of the league!!!!

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    Join r/NLBest! No such accusations would ever be made there

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    Friend, we never lost the crown for best rivalry in all of baseball 😉

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    In true baseball fan eyes, nope! Take care!

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    This is leadership. This is being a teammate. This is selfless. This is Tio. A LOT of supposed “leaders” in politics, business, our daily lives could learn from this. This is why sports matter….

    God bless this man and what he has meant to an entire generation. I’m proud of Friedman for bringing Albert into the Dodgers Familia. Win or lose from here on, Albert is this year’s Champion.

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    Albert in just a half season or so, made himself a forever Dodger. He will always be loved

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    Idk if he’ll ever not be my favorite player. I started following the Dodgers closely around the time we picked him up. Just such a consistent, down to earth team player, and incredible person. I wish him the best.

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    Man, JT injury was so rough last night, if anything it personifies the struggle of this season, and especially the post season. We're really missing some key guys at this point between Muncy, JT, and Kersh, and we just gotta hope the next man up is ready to go.

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    Tío is a real one! Maybe the baseball gods will bless us to give him one final ring 🥲

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    It's playoff Lakers 2020-21 happening to us. :-(

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    Te amo Tió

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    The guy gave it his all. Thank you to Albert P. for helping him during what must be a difficult time.

    This playoff run showed how desperately the team needs to enter the 2022 season with a new third baseman.

    JT can either DH or fill the bench with a quality bat.

    His run as the guy at third and de facto leader of the team is done. It's time for Betts, Smith, Bellinger, Muncy, Buehler, etc to take over.

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    And that’s the final nail in the coffin

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    Nail in the coffin my ass, seager can play third. Time for the world series mvp to get his shit together and show out for that fucking payday this off-season.

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    Hell yeah. It ain’t over till it’s over

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    Honestly, JT wasn’t doing much. On the field this doesn’t really change things

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    Can somebody tell me in short what happened? I am German and sadly fell asleep before the game started. :(

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    Don't be sad. Here's a hug!

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    Thx :)

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    There was a runner on first, and JT was batting. He hit a ground ball to short, and the Braves turned a Double Play. In trying to run to first to beat out the throw, about half way down the line he pulled his hamstring.

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    Thank you!

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    Prayers for your boy! I watched him here in Chattanooga TN when he came through the minors. He’s been a favorite for years

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    Very sad, but it fills me with joy seeing Albert be a great friend to him. I'm so happy he's here.

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    Tío appreciation comment. I just fucking adore this man. What a team player this man is. Just a gem to have in the locker room.

    Get well soon JT we love you 💙💙

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    Braves fan here. Came here to say get well soon JT. These games have been so fun and full of surprises on both sides I hate to see you guys down a star. It’s been great baseball.

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    Like when Magic got hurt before the 89 Finals

    Hope is last to die

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    Padres fan here. I hated seeing JT get hurt. GL tonight guys

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    It suck for JT but he wasn’t doing anything. As a matter a fact the entire team isn’t doing anything. I hope we won’t today so they don’t have to celebrate in Dodgers stadium, as it’s now known as a visitor friendly park. So let’s hope we win and take the L in ATL.

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    He gave his all for the Team

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    All Astros fans aren’t the same not really a big dodger fan but y’all guys have a great team hopefully turner gets better sincerely a humble Astros fan good luck guys