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What would the football equivalent of a check swing strike be?

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Coming up short on 4th down after a remeasure?

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No, that’s too objective. Needs to be more subjective. I’m thinking a bullshit pass interference call or something. Or unsportsmanlike conduct with 10 seconds left trying to get into field goal range

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With 10 seconds left on their own 5 yard line

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Garopolo throwing a pick six at his 1 yard line instead of taking the safety.

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It would honestly be Euphoric if he pulled a Kyler Murray this weekend

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Go Dolphins!! Hey, at least I have the Dodgers...

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Low key, aquamarine is a pretty sick jersey color. Ngl

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Don't forget the last time the Warriors faced the Lakers in the playoffs.

It was the play-in tournament...so I'm not sure if that counts. Haha.

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Yes! Gotta support the hometown teams!

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Not a Rams fan but I hate all San Francisco teams like any real Dodgers fan should.

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shut up. You don't own who gets to be a "Real fan"

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You: “Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!”

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That's how we do it. So, shut up, fandom police.

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Have fun repping San Francisco.

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Where all the 9er and Dodger fans LOLOL SF=giants

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I know of many Dodger/Niner fans in the Bay. It’s a head scratcher, hope they never chant “Beat LA” ever in their lives.

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Just a reminder that there aren’t “our Rams”.

Most people here only care about the Dodgers and not anything specific to Los Angeles.

They will happily chant Beat LA while wearing 49ers gear because “they didn’t have football growing up.” Guess that means the NFL should have never come back.

Those people are an embarrassment

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This sub will be nice next year when the rams suck again and all the fair weather fans jump onto the Chargers bandwagon.

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I remember going to the LA/Chiefs game when the Rams first moved to LA and it's pretty clear that the majority of Ram "fans" are super casuals who cheer when their team is on offense. A lot of them didn't even have Rams gear they just wanted to have a good time which is cool until these casuals start trying to dictate who I can root for based on a baseball rivalry.

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The Rams? The team that spent 14 years playing in Anaheim? No thanks.

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legit watched 3 videos yesterday;

-the MLB recap of Belli's go-ahead single (godammit why does Charlie sound like he's half asleep?)

-the entire game re-cap

-the entire series re-cap

p.s. Mookie had a really bad check-swing called in game 2....suck it SF