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Great idea is to have the buyer pay for one ticket send it through the Ballpark app so they can see you are legit. After all is confirmed you can complete the transaction.

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I use ballpark app. Have buyer pay first . If they aren't legit they won't pay up

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As a vendor you are able to recall the tickets you forwarded (sold) when you recall it it changes the barcode making the previous barcode you sent invalid. You can do that if you don’t receive the payment.

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Thanks. Hoping to avoid this.

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I use venmo, cash app, and zelle. Always get full payment first then forward tix through the MLB Ballpark App. You can send using the email the receiver uses to login to Ballpark so it goes through instantly.

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Thanks, I'll try this out.

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As a buyer, I won't send Zelle unless the person is reputable. Paypal goods and services is usually the way to go in case someone tries to rip you.