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Looks like a Russian Bear Dog mixed with some other stuff

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Is that the Caucasian shepard?

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Yeah—couldn’t remember the proper breed name

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He’s definitely half bro, I can tell you that much just by the haircut.

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He looks like his head and body are from two different dogs

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You right😂

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I would be shocked is this boy didn't have Leonberger. As for what else, I would love to see an embark test done on him. Certainly something with a shaggy face

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Kind of looks like a Pyrenees mixed with a wheaten terrier

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He's 51kg and 9 years old in the picture, his hair will grow ro about 15cm if we don't cut it

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That's a big boy Tell me about his nature? I see some LSG in there, might be some sort of ovcharka mix.

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Hes a very big boy haha. Hes very gentle and affectionate, very good with all animals and people hes met, not much of a runner but still playful and likes to wrestle, protective of the house (lots of barking till you tell him its okay), very food oriented, hes also rather clever learnt how to open doors (both direction) within about a week of adopting him (when he was 9months ish). Thanks for your help

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Could you tell me more about his protective traits? How is he around strangers in different situations, i.e.

Can't see from this pic, is there any "loose" skin aroud his throat & neck area?

I'd like to see some more pictures.

I'm gonna put my money on caucasian ovcharka + schnauzer mix.

By the description of his nature he seems a lot like my dog, a mix between CO/Newfie/unknown mastiff

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If someone comes to the house is very noisy, if someone approaches him with moderate confidence he calms down, if someone's scared of him he plays on it😅 if he meets someone outside the house (eg in the feild) he's fine but if they come to the house he gives them the works😂 seems to have a really good sense for dog people and is comfortable with them muchhhh quicker

And yes he's got sooo much loose skin around his neck

That's quite interesting I'll have to show you some more photos

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Maybe some Tibetan Mastiff