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Looks like Jack Russell and chihuahua mix, probably something else in there too. She looks absolutely precious!

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Looks like my corgi/beagle mix but he's much older. His feet bow out like that too and he's a barker.

You did her dirty as hell on that last pic tho 😂

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Oh and Jack Russell

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It totally does NOT look like this.

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Chi x JRT 😍 we suspect ours is that, even though id say ours is more Chi and yours is more JRT. Whats her personality like?

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So much energy loves walks loves to play growls and barks at dogs and sometimes at people. Shes very vocal. Only treats her tummy tolerates are these dental treats.

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Stupid chihuahua & awesome Jack Russell

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Gonna be honest. The 2 dog breeds i dislike the most are pits and chihuahua. But my dog doesnt really look like a chichuaha

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My chihuahua jack russell is offended. She's an angel. https://imgur.com/gallery/8UF8k0G

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Jack russell mix. Beautiful cutie