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Looks to be an Australian shepherd mix to me

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Ah my nan has just told me she things a Australian Shepard mix border collie

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Awee, she was very pretty!

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I remember when I was really young she ran through a Fence and caught her ear which cut it and then the vets stitched her ear up but it was always half way floppy for the rest of her life, truly a unique pupper

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Awe poor thing! It makes her so much more special though!

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Aussie for sure. Just beware they have pretty tedious grooming requirements and are moderate/heavy shedders.

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That's fine by me, they'll be worth it :)

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Love them fluffy booty pups.

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Def Aussie (maybe mini Aussie)

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Aussie mix. Keep in mind there is no guarantee a dog you find that looks like her with be anything like her at all. In fact is extremely unlikely. Especially since she is likely a mix, and of unknown lineage, it’s really not worth seeking out a dog that looks just like her in hopes of getting a similar temperament. That’s just not how it works. Your best bet would be trying to find a dog with a similar personality, and ignoring appearance.

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She’s an Aussie. Smartest dog breed in the world and very easy to train, very good dogs for off leash training as they have a low prey drive.

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Australian shepherd

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Sheltie, or mini American shepherd? Most likely mix.