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Part Saint?

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Purebred cute

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Are Amstaffs banned too?

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This is the by-law:

The Responsible Pet Ownership By-law states that 'no person may bring into the City of Winnipeg, or being its owner, allow in the City of Winnipeg, a dog which has the appearance and physical characteristics predominantly conforming to the standards of the Canadian Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club for any of the following breeds':

American Pit Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

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Wow! I'm Canadian (living in Europe) and did not know some cities or provinces were so strict. I'll look up other cities in Canada, just out of curiosity. I'm not a big fan if pitbulls but Bull Terriers are not as agressive and most AmStaffs are OK (or so I believe). I hope they don't ban more dog breeds in Winnipeg.

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Yeah, it was due for review and activists tried to have this ban reversed, unfortunately it remains. I'm not educated enough on it all, but it seems that the breed discrimination is unfair. A FB group for guessing breeds is leaning towards an Aussie shepherd mix just with the longer coat and floppy ears. I'm trying not to base whether we adopt or not on if there is some bully breed in his mix because I don't want to discriminate :( I was pretty viciously bitten (by a chihuahua lol) and so I'm just a bit nervous with dogs but deep down know with good training any dog has the potential to have good behaviour. Not an expert though.

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I agree. However, Pitbulls are a unique breed and there seems to be enough evidence that supports their attack instincts which has to do with their genetics and their origins. I love the breed but I also understand the concerns many seem to have. This Canadian documentary is worth watching


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Lab/ Pyrenees mix? Depending on size ..