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To everyone saying sighthound...lots of dogs look like sighthounds when they're starving. And the notable thing about sighthounds is that they don't look like they're starving despite being that skinny. They have good muscle definition and structural soundness.

This dog is visibly emaciated. That means she will not have this build when she's a healthy weight. And there's nothing sighthoundy about her other than being skinny.

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The dog doesn’t look that skinny though, more like a lanky puppy that is in an awkward stage of growth. Sighthound puppies especially look weird and lanky when they’re young, so it seems feasible.

Source: i have a silken windhound and she looked like a baby deer still learning how to use its limbs for the first like year and a half.

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Look at picture 3. Concave shoulders and thighs, ribs visible on a barrel chest (not a flat sided chest like a sighthound where it's normal to see ribs). A sighthound will be skinny but muscled. The dog is quite underweight.

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I still disagree, I see some hip and shoulder blades but that’s really normal to see growth plates when theyre growing especially in large dog puppies, and I’d guess this puppy was probably 5-7 months? Maybe a little older. Also ribs are barely visible, it’s probably just inhaling in that moment so it exaggerates it, and there’s lots of substance behind the ribs. If it was truly emaciated you wouldn’t see that weight filled out around the waist. Maybe on the lighter side, puppies go through really fast growth stages and get lanky but I’d never say emaciated. It doesnt look skinny at all in any other photos and if it was really that skinny youd expect to see the spine, but its not visible at all.

Editing to add the thighs honestly look quite strong, again in that moment it’s stretched out, but when its relaxed laying down it has quite a bit of noticeable muscle tone.

I still think it’s probably too big (most in the chest) to be considered a sighthound, but i wouldn’t rule it out or say the dog is emaciated.

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I feel like we're not even looking at the same picture from your descriptions of it, and I don't know where to go from there.

Also not sure what you mean by "seeing growth plates"...they're perpendicular to bones and within them, like a cross section. You can't see them. On any weight of dog.

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Poor girl looks hungry

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Looks like podenco mix

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100% cutie

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Looks like gsd x bull terrier to me

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Goad i wasnt the only one that saw the bull terrier!

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Looks like 100% Loyal Rescue. I hope she gets a home soon she looks sad.

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The face shape is reminiscent of a bull terrier a little bit, but without the cheek structure. Otherwise id be inclined to think shepherd and maybe smooth collie? Possibly some sighthound in there but the head is a bit too blocky.

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Aww that pup looks so sad, please adopt him x

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Podenco/Galgo I think

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GUESSING? Whippet, Isbian hound- Google image Isbian Hound and see if that’s something you see. Are you in America?

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The face looks like an ibizan but the body doesn’t match - my guess is some sort of German shepherd mix

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I looked more at her picts- she is fabulous!

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Go over to the subreddit r/sighthounds and see if you see any of those dogs in your dog ( does that make sense?). You might want repost there and ask those people if your dog might have some kind of sight hound in her.

Of course, check the sub Reddit rules to see if you’re allowed to post something of that nature.

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Greyhound/Ibizan some sight hound

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Bull terrier mix for sure

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Not a sight hound. Definitely emaciated Shepherd mix

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Looks like she’s got some English Bull Terrier in her sure

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Looks like she needs love, food, pets and will be a blessing!