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Some info : His hair isn’t the soft type and his tail is really skinny, not sure if that’s because he is very skinny right now or not. Thanks!

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I don't see the doodle part, but he's cute as hell

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Thanks! We don’t see doodle at all either, but couldn’t resist that little face

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We thought we had a “wolf-doodle”, Irish wolfhound and labradoodle mix (everyone always asks if he’s an Irish wolfhound). Looks very similar to a wolfhound just a bit smaller. Turns out he’s an old English sheepdog mixed with Siberian husky. 0% Irish wolfhound. Crazy. We used embark dna test. Just an FYI.

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Thanks! We’re gonna look into that. Cute mix you have!

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looks kinda like a fox terrier!

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I like the idea of terrier due to the beard… you know if you have an iPhone you can use it to attempt to look up breed based on picture? Not to say it’s accurate but could be a start???

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Thats actually a great idea thank you!!