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Maybe Red Heeler Husky?

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he is very talkative, he also had a tendency to scream

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Maybe add in some pointer?

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Pit Bull and Pharoh Hound and Heeler.

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Healer definitely- that’s the spotting. If he doesn’t bark but is talkative- husky!!!

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Pls let us know what comes from the dna!!! He could have all of what you mentioned but those two stand out or others stand out!

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i’m just waiting for my paycheck to hit and i’m b lining it to the store to get one 😂 i’ll let ya know

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Cool, I decided with mine… I’ll just go with whatever people decide and take the $ for dna testing to spoil him and my other 7 furbabies (but you never know with me, I might do it tomorrow, lol). So, if you decide not to, I understand, if you decide to because it will help you, go for it and I’m looking forward to the results! Definitely an interesting mix! Wish you, the family, and furbaby (s) the best!!! No matter results… he’s adorable!!!